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NJ online casino payment methods: Details and picks ACH (eChecks) ACH or eChecks is the gold standard for payment processing. All players need to use this method is a valid checking account, complete with a routing and account number. The upside to ACH deposits is that transactions are processed instantaneously, and once the transfer is approved, the funds will be available for immediate use.

Credit card is still the #1 way to fund you online casino account. Since the online gambling boom started in the late 90’s and first five years of the 21st century, all sorts of payment methods have been started to fund Internet casino accounts. Dozens of electronic payment companies called “web wallets” or e-wallets have appeared. Prepaid cards, debit cards, and even gift cards have appeared that would allow you to deposit into your account. People can still use Moneygram and Wells Fargo for payments, while wire transfer, bank cheque, and bank transfer still remain options for withdrawals.

But if you want one method which allows you to make payments and cashouts with the quickest speed and few fees, your trusty Visa and Mastercard are still the best ways to move cash to and from online gambling sites.

Basic poker odds and outs. The fact is, the world has grown accustomed to charges on credit cards. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are so wide-ranging and influential, public figures have wondered aloud whether that’s safe or advisable. Credit card companies go wherever they want to go.

If you want to use a credit card for an online casino, you aren’t alone. But you might be wondering which cards offer the widest range of service and which are the most restricted. I’ll give a quick synopsis of each payment method and discuss which plastic charge card is the best plastic for you.

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Reviewing the Best Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards in 2018

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Online Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

You will also find a list below of the best options when it comes to deposits made using your credit card. These are your best options for credit cards.The casinos featured on this page have a good reputation, financial security and the best processing (even for US players).

Visa Credit Cards for Casinos Online

Visa was the first all-pay credit card on the market. When Bank of America’s executives sent out open-ended credit cards to 60,000 different American households back in 1958, some people looked at them like they were crazy. But the all-purpose charge card filled a niche for US consumers and the Visa charge card became one of the great successes in the history of consumerism. These days, Visa is the largest credit card company in the world. This means Visa is found in most businesses they want to be in.

It’s no different with Visa online casino sites. Visa has the widest reach of all the credit cards. Name an online casino property and Visa is almost certain to be a payment and withdrawal option. In fact, while Visa and Mastercard are pretty close when it comes to the number of casinos accepting their deposits, Visa has more people withdrawing cash using their service. That’s because Mastercard has shied away from certain payment practices, while Visa hasn’t.

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Visa credit cards is an accepted payment method for online casinos which accept players from the United States. Visa credit is accepted by European online casinos. Visa payments are used by Asian gambling sites. Name any website which offers games of chance for real-money and Visa is likely to be accepted at their site. If they don’t allow Visa payments, something is suspicious.

Mastercard Credit Card for Casinos Online

Mastercard is almost as widespread, but not quite so much. In fact, I’ve noticed that a significant number (though minority amount) of casinos online allow Mastercard deposits, but doesn’t allow Mastercard withdrawals. This is no doubt a decision on the part of Mastercard–not the local gambling company.

In fact, I’ve had websites send company emails telling their customers that Mastercard was changing their policies and players would be better off using Visa credit cards. Mastercard’s executives sometimes grow nervous and would prefer people not accept payment using their card, if a potential legal loophole could cause trouble. Still, Mastercard is welcome in about 95% of casinos, so anyone with a MasterCard credit card should have no problem finding a good game.

Amex Credit Card for Casinos Online

Amex is the third-largest credit card company. That’s because American Express considers itself the credit card for high-dollar spenders, while Visa and Mastercard are the credit cards for the masses. Forbes has described American Express as “the 800-pound gorilla of high-end cards”. They were talking specifically about the Amex Black Card, but the quote describes the credit card network as a whole. American Express realizes online gambling isn’t legal in many jurisdictions. To avoid troubles which come with illegal activity, Amex often avoids offering services to card holders involved in Internet gambling.

Where that policy changes is with companies which are considered legitimate. Since the US market is a gray area, Amex chooses the London Stock Market as its touchstone. The British online casinos whose parent companies are traded on the LSX tend to be given access by the American Express credit card network. Otherwise, you’re not likely to be able to use Amex. Casinos like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Win Palace, Casino Titan, and OnBling casino all have American Express as a funding option.

Diners Club International for Online Casino

Diners Club was the first charge card in the world. The Diners Club began as a charge card for an exclusive restaurant in New York City back in the early 1950s. The Diners Club never tried to become an all-purpose credit card until the aforementioned success of Visa in that arena. Eventually, Diners Club began to make national and then international associations, so it’s now one of the respected credit card networks in the world–though nowhere nearly as large as Visa or Mastercard. These days, the card is called Diners Club International, though the company is based out of Chicago, Illinois in the USA.

This means Diners Club International isn’t likely to be a payment option for casinos which accept US players. Still, you’ll occasionally find Diners Club listed among the deposit options at European casinos.