Becoming Good At Online Poker

Jan 07, 2011  And can you still win at poker without actually being any good? You might be surprised. Can a 'good' poker player actually be a losing poker poker player? And can you still win at poker without actually being any good? You might be surprised. 100% up to $1,000. Play Appeak Poker Online.

I decided to share some tips about online cash games that are sure to help out your game and help you find all those extra edges that are sitting right in front of you.

I hope you guys enjoy these 5 tips and I would love to hear some comments .

1. How to spot a loose player before he even plays a hand
When you sit down at a cash game online you usually get asked whether you would like to post the blind or wait for the blind to come around to you.

Most people like myself usually are patient and wait for the blind to come to them, because there is no point posting your blind when you're 2 hands away from it.
If you're playing and you see a new player come into the game that posts right away, that's more often then not a sign of a loose player ready to gamble.
2. Use online cash games to your advantage
Online is quite different than live poker.


In live poker you might go to the casino and there might be a couple games running. Usually you have to put your name on the list to wait for a seat. In live poker you're also usually forced to play on a table and don't have the luxury of choosing which table you would like to play at.
Online is quite different. You usually have a selection of 10 different tables and can view who's playing, how much money they have, how many flops per hour and the average pot. This is crucial information that could substantially help your game if you know how to use it.
When you see a table that has a high Average Pot it usually means it's a loose table with a lot of money is being tossed around. You want to pick these games if you are a tight solid player.

More often then not it's usually one guy on tilt that is playing every pot and making the action really loose. You might say 'I hate playing against loose players'. But in a cash game those types of players are the bread and butter.

If you're playing a cash game with a bunch of solid tight players, the only way you're going to win a big pot is if you're a slight favorite. With a loose player, if you play solid tight poker and wait for the right time he will gamble as a big dog and you will usually be paid of very well.
So scope out the stats when choosing a cash game online. Look at the players at the table, spot the regulars and stay away from that table. This little tip offers an extra edge in your profit per hour.
3. Don't be glued to your seat
Online poker offers the luxury of being able to sit down at a game, leave a game, hop to another table or sit out for a few hands.

So don't be stuck to your seat. Don't worry you won't lose it. If the game isn't good, and the table is too tight with too many good players, then leave.

You should hop around and try and find the best game. Use online poker to your advantage and don't be scared to hop around and find the juiciest table.

Become A Good Online Poker Player

Becoming Good At Online Poker

This is also the case for if you're losing. You need to have the disciple to leave if you're down and go try another table if the one you're at isn't good.
To be a consistent winning poker player you need to look for all the little edges around you and use them.
4. How to spot rent money in No Limit Cash Games
In online no limit cash games you can buy in for the minimum or maximum. While searching for a table to play at, look for a table that has a lot of minimum buy ins.


Any regular professional always buys in for the maximum at a no limit cash game. The reasons behind that are:

1. A bigger bankroll is intimidating to a lot of players and can often give the first impression to new players to the table that he is a good player.
2. You always want to have enough money in your bankroll to cover anyone at the table so when you do have the nuts you can squeeze every dime you can out of the opponent.
Most recreational players will usually buy in for the minimum amount and usually are playing with scared money or they are loose players. Take note that isn't always the case, but I'm talking more often then not.

So use this to your advantage when selecting a game and try to find the weakest players.
5. When you're able to leave a game with a loss
When you're able to leave a cash game after losing some big pots and you are noticing a change in your play, then you are a solid player.

How To Become Better At Online Poker

The natural thinking of the brain is to stay and get your money back. It takes a lot of discipline and skill to know when to leave a game.

How do you think the casinos make so much money? It's because the natural thinking of the brain says I need to get even, while in reality they are not in the correct mindset and are usually on tilt and will almost always end up going broke.

Once you can conquer this inner psychological trait that every human being posses, then you are on your way to being a good player.
Every poker player in the world loses, that's part of the game. If you can leave a game with a loss without even hesitating then you'll end up winning a lot more in the long run.
I know it's easy to say all this and read all this and agree, but while you're in this mindset and frame of mind it's the last thing you're thinking about. So to sum it up train yourself to leave games while you're losing, even if it's a few bucks.