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  • Rocket is a member of the revamped Guardians of the Galaxy in the first issue of the 2013 series. Powers, Abilities, and Equipment Edit. Rocket Raccoon possesses the normal attributes of an Earth raccoon, including speed (which has been additionally amplified by his training), and an acute sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch.
  • The various remaining Guardians of the Galaxy members fall in a not-so-close second. The Avengers make the roster after their team up to take down Thanos. The Starjammers make an occasional comeback from Rockets space pirating days and the classics include his most longstanding comrades, Lylla, Wal Russ and Blackjack O’Hare.

Lylla stayed in Rocket arms for a few more seconds, treasuring the feeling of hugging her Best, her lover once more before separating.

Lord Dyvyne, Judson Jakes and Blackjack O'Hare. The pair of Rocket and Groot was the emotional center of the first 'Guardians' film, and while the second movie might center on Peter Quill's familial lineage, there is no reason things couldn't get personal for Rocket as well. The evil frog Lord Dyvyne, the cowardly mole Judson Jakes and the rabbit pirate Blackjack O'Hare were the villains of the mid-'80s 'Rocket Raccoon' miniseries by co-creator Bill Mantlo and artist Mike Mignola.

'What brings you here Rocky?' Lylla asked

Rocket gestured to the Guardians in Blackjack's speeder, Lylla took a look and smiled 'Friends of yours?'

'Yeah..we need some place to stay, eat and wash up'

'You do realize that this is your home too right?' Lylla giggled

'Yes,yes but I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with the idea of me bringing guests' Rocket replied

'I'm with it! Besides..O'hare here comes here to stay every once in a while' Lylla said

'So welcome home Rocky and bring your friends in too' Lylla said as she walked inside with Rocket. Blackjack signaled the Guardians to come on in, they dismounted and entered the house in awe again as it was massive on the inside. The ground floor alone had at least 3 chandeliers, there were two beautifully carved wooden and polished staircases which led to the upper floors.

The ground was covered in a lavish carpet decorated in murals of bright green leafs in a red background that rolled over the entire ground floor, the walls were decorated with elegant wallpapers with unknown but beautiful designs. Furniture was everywhere, in the ground floor Quill spotted at least 6 long chairs (Red and Yellow), 4 coffee tables (Made of polished oak wood), porcelain vases with designs oddly similar to that of the Ancient Greeks of Earth.

The curtains were lined with gold with white being the primary color, Quill spotted what he thought was a grand Piano in the corner of the Ground floor and for the final touch..a gold table in the middle of the Ground floor that contained the most adorable, beautiful, sweet scented, elegant and magnificent flowers in a rather huge vase that looked like it was made out of silver and bore the same Ancient Greek design as all the others. The lowers were a mix as some were dark blue, some were Rose Red others were pink and some were a mix of colors.

Quill tried to speak but only one word escaped his mouth 'Wow..'

'Impressive!' Gamora remarked

'This looks fit for a king' Drax remarked

'How'd Rocket even get this?!' Quill asked and Blackjack replied 'It was a gift from a mayor from a nearby town, to express his gratitude to Rocket and his team of three, including himself, for saving not only his daughters life but for also saving the town from obliteration'

Then a female voice called out 'Hello there'. It was almost hypnotizing, even Drax fell victim to the allure of this females voice. They turned and found a gorgeous and sexy female otter standing in front of them in a blue dress.

'Hi there!' Quill said happily as he extended his hand and shook the otters delicate hand.

'Hello, I'm one of three that owns this house. I'm sure that you've met my Rocket already.'

'My Rocket?' Quill thought and then he responded 'Why yes, he's a friend of ours and a valued team-mate'

'That's great! Oh! where are my manners, my name is Lylla and you are..?'

'Peter Quill, also know as Star-lord' Quill stated

'Star-Lord! That's a very nice alias and who are your other friends Quill, can I call you Quill?' Lylla asked

'yeah sure.' Before Quill could begin, Drax already started to introduce himself

'Hello there miss Lylla, my name is's a pleasure to meet one of Rocket's closest friends'

Lylla giggled as she blushed as well after being called Rocket's closest friend ' The pleasure's all mine Drax, and's Lylla'

'Right then' Quill interrupted as he pointed to Gamora ' That's Gamora and the big tree guy over here is..'

Lylla looked at Groot and smiled 'Groot! hey there! It's been too long'

'I am Groot' ( It has been hasn't it?)

'Oh! So you know Groot then?' Quill asked

'Why yes, he's a valued friend to me and Rocket'.

Rocket's voice called out to Lylla and she looked back and found him leaning on the wall looking sexy as usual, the expression that he made made her blush and giggle softly.

'Ah! Rocket..there you are' said Quill

'Yeah, I just wanted to see this place again..' he responded

'Man, you owe us one hell of an explanation.' Quill smiled as he shut his eyes and crossed his arms

Rocket wanted to answer but Lylla was faster 'And I'm sure you will Rocket at dinner, but now..' she said as she moved towards him and placed an arm on his shoulder 'Now, you need a shower. And as much as I love you Rocket and you know how much I do, you'd look better without the oil stains on your fur dearest' Lylla smiled

Quill was shocked to her call Rocket dearest but even more surprisingly, she told him that she loved him.

'Do I really look that bad?' Rocket asked as he inspected himself, sniffing his fur.

Lylla laughed and playfully shoved him 'Just go already!'

'Right, right!' Rocket chuckled as he went upstairs to take a shower.

He went up the stairs up to his room at the top floor, on his way he met Ranger..his older brother. Ranger spotted his little brother and ran towards him and hugged him

Guardians Of The Galaxy Blackjack O'hare


'Hey there big brother!' Rocket sighed as he hugged Ranger

Blackjack Guardians Of The Galaxy

'How've you been?' Ranger asked, then he noticed the oil stains on his fur and grinned 'You've looked better'

Rocket replied to both 'Ok,one, I'm fine're you? and two..I know I'm going to take my bath now'

Guardians Of The Galaxy Oscavarian

'I'm fine little one' Ranger replied as he stared at his brother.