Can Online Roulette Be Beaten

Can roulette be beaten? Is there a roulette system or other way to gain an edge over the casino? Not really. But there are things you can do to increase your odds of winning at roulette.

Here, we provide valuable roulette tips – things to do (and not do) – to increase your chances of beating roulette.

Only Play European or French Roulette

Dec 09, 2015  Visit for free roulette systems, software and roulette player resources. This video is about the subject: How To Really Beat R. There is no croupier in the online industry, except for the situations when you get to play in the live casino section. Your only task while playing the online roulette is to foresee what number the ball will stop on. Can you Beat the Roulette Wheel? Online Roulette Guide. Is is actually possible to beat the roulette wheel? I mean, there's a house edge right? The casino always wins right? I have spoken to this professor of mathematics who tells me that it's impossible to beat the roulette wheel, right? Can rng roulette be beaten You have to ask yourself the question why can rng roulette be beaten an online casino would give out such can rng roulette be beaten a huge percentage. Many times it’s because the bonus comes with extremely high wagering requirements and perhaps even a max cash out amount.

American roulette (with a double-zero wheel) is one of the oldest and most classic roulette games of all-time. In fact, it was the original form of regulated roulette since it was offered in Paris casinos in 1796. However, somewhere along the way, other roulette games started coming into the casino scene such as European roulette and French roulette.

What’s important about this is that both of these games contained one less number than the American roulette wheel. Going further, this one less number made the house edge drop from 5.26% to 2.70%. Expanding on the French roulette game, there is also a La Partage rule that awards players back half of their even-money bet when the ball lands on zero; this rule further reduces the house edge down to 1.35%. As you can see, this gives players a much better chance to win profits!

Even the game of mini roulette can offer players more of an advantage when the La Partage rule is involved. The usual and unsightly 7.89% house edge of mini roulette suddenly drops down to 3.95% when the La Partage rule is in play – making it more player-friendly than American roulette. This being said, many people wonder if it’s even worth playing American roulette these days.

And the answer is, no, it’s not a good idea to play American roulette anymore. This is especially true when you consider that online casinos make all roulette games more accessible to the average person, so they can find European and French roulette with ease. And when you can take advantage of a much lower house edge, it doesn’t make sense to opt for the lesser American roulette game.

About the only time that you should even consider American roulette is when some kind of special bonus is offered by the casino that lowers their house edge. For example, if there is a progressive jackpot or something similar, it might be kind of fun to play a game of American roulette. But other than this, you should definitely stay away from this game because the house has such a big advantage. Only play it if you are a recreational player who isn’t overly concerned with wins and losses.

Avoid Using The Martingale System in Roulette

The most discussed gambling system ever is the Martingale system because of its ease of use and perceived benefits. All you need to do to use the Martingale is double your bets after every loss, and you will do no worse than break even in a session. For example, if you bet $5 and lose, your next wager would be $10; if you lose here, your next wager would be $20. Assuming you won the $20 bet, you’d be right back to even, and looking to gain profits on the next bet.

In theory, the Martingale is the perfect betting system because it will seemingly always helps you break even, plus double your initial bet. Unfortunately, most casinos realize this, which is why they impose table limits to prevent players from effectively using the Martingale. However, in an effort to draw players, some casinos offer games with no betting limits, thus enhancing the Martingale’s effectiveness.

If you’re the type of person who would play one of these no betting limits games just to properly use the Martingale, you should know that roulette is not one of the best casino games to play. The reason why is because roulette’s most common form – European roulette – carries a 2.70% house edge. Now, this isn’t the worst house edge in the world, and you could do a lot worse by playing other games.

However, it’s not the best house edge either, meaning you’re putting yourself at an even bigger risk when using the Martingale.

Contrast this to another casino game like blackjack, where the house edge is 0.5% when players use the correct strategy. If you were to use the Martingale here, you’re nearly at a 50-50 split when facing the casino; this means you have a slightly better chance at not continually losing, and putting your bankroll at risk with the Martingale.

But when you move to roulette, the 2.70% house edge means you’re dealing with a little higher chance that you could continue to lose with the Martingale, and eventually run out of money trying to double your bets. Long story short, don’t try the Martingale with roulette because it poses more risk than lower house edge games.

Don’t Bet Emotionally

If you play roulette for money, then you know that there is are some emotions riding on the outcome. And for certain people, there’s a lot of emotions involved when they play roulette! Unfortunately for these people, roulette is not like football or basketball where emotions can help your game. Instead, emotions can cloud your better judgment in roulette, and even make you play worse.

And this goes either way because even when you’re doing good, you might be influenced to place too large of bets, or far too many wagers at once. Moving to the negative side of things, when you are struggling in roulette, you might make big bets just to win everything back, which will drain your bankroll when the losses keep mounting. In short, roulette is not a game that rewards emotional players.

Instead, roulette is a game that rewards those who are good at practicing solid bankroll management and can keep their emotions in check. For example, let’s say that you lose four or five bets in a row, and you’re already having a bad night; this is about the breaking point for most people, and they’ll start making terrible decisions from here.

Fortunately, there’s a good way to combat this bankroll management problem, and it’s called understanding the roulette odds. The better you understand the roulette odds and house edge, the less likely you are to blow your bankroll in a single session. Furthermore, by knowing the roulette odds, you won’t make silly decisions such as placing the top line bet in American roulette, or putting five or six bets into play at once.

But even with all of this being said, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in roulette when you have money on the table. So it’s basically impossible to play roulette like a robot and remain emotionless the entire time. So rather than be unrealistic, you should concentrate on understanding roulette strategy to the fullest, and play based off of this. Assuming you can play roulette solid and not make any really stupid decisions, you stand a good chance of having fun and making some money.

Try to Find a Biased Wheel

If there’s one thing that serious roulette players are fascinated with, it’s the concept of wheel bias. The wheel bias theory centers on the idea that there are certain roulette wheels throughout the world that favor specific numbers.

For example, if you recorded thousands of spins on different roulette wheels and discovered that one favored the numbers 18, 29, 7, 28 and 12, you would bet on this wheel a lot, while focusing specifically on these numbers.

The reason a roulette wheel would be biased could be anything from a loose bearing in the wheel to slightly tweaked number dividers.

In any case, wheel bias holds plenty of validity among serious players because A) it’s unrealistic to think that every single casino roulette wheel is perfect in design or upkeep, and B) plenty of players in the past have been banned for successfully winning lots of profits through wheel bias.

Can Online Roulette Be Beaten

To find biased roulette wheels, you need to watch various wheels, and record as many spins as you possibly can. Sound monotonous? Of course, it does, which is why very few people ever pull off the whole wheel bias thing. Furthermore, many roulette players don’t even consider attempting it because of how much work goes into finding biased wheels – plus it may not even pan out in the end.

Fortunately, there is one thing that can help those who want to find biased wheels, and that is roulette teachers. Now roulette teachers don’t exist to hand you a diagram of where all the biased roulette wheels throughout the world are. However, they can teach players what to look for in regards to biased wheels, as well as what it takes afterward.

The only downside to roulette coaches is that their services aren’t cheap, and just like roulette wheel bias itself, there’s no guarantee the coaching would pay dividends. However, if you are serious about wheel bias, and you want to have a better chance at finding the wheels that favor certain numbers, then it is definitely a step in the right direction to seek out roulette teachers. By doing this, you’ll be able to pick their brains for knowledge and avoid having to put the extra work in yourself to learn what they know.

One of the best wheel bias masters of all-time is Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. The Spaniard was able to win millions of dollars from casinos in both the United States and Spain by using his wheel bias techniques. The main “secret” behind Garcia-Pelayo’s success was that he went to various casinos and recorded hundreds of thousands of spins. He even included his kids in the process by having them record lots of roulette spins as well.

Once Garcia-Pelayo was satisfied with the amount of data he and his kids had collected, he put all of the data into a computer. After analyzing a seemingly endless amount of roulette spins, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo was able to determine that some wheels in certain casinos he’d visited were indeed biased.

Armed with a decent-sized bankroll and knowledge of a few different biased wheels, Garcia-Pelayo started placing bets, focusing specifically on the wheels he knew were biased. The results were incredible since the Spaniard starting racked up an unbelievable amount of profits with his wheel bias strategy. When everything was said and done, he had made millions of dollars. Furthermore, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo became a wheel bias expert, which meant more money earned through the seminars and teaching products he sold.

Einstein Couldn’t Beat Roulette, So…

Having invented numerous theories and formulas, Albert Einstein is no doubt one of the greatest geniuses of all-time. But there’s one thing that even Einstein couldn’t solve, and it involves how to beat roulette.

As you may already know, the game of European roulette gives the house a 2.70% edge, which can be beaten by lucky players. However, Einstein tried to figure out a way to consistently beat roulette without relying on luck. He tried formulas, spent time performing numerous roulette spins, and even went over common roulette strategy to see if there was something missing. In the end, he determined that there was no mathematical way to beat roulette using normal means.

In fact, he once uttered a famous quote about the subject. When asked by a reporter if roulette could be beaten, he told them, “The only way to beat roulette is to steal the money when the dealer is not looking.” As sad as it may seem, Einstein was right in regards to using basic roulette strategy.

Interestingly enough though, there are plenty of people who’ve consistently beaten roulette using the wheel bias strategy. With wheel bias, you spend considerable amounts of time studying various roulette wheels in order to find one that favors certain numbers. For example, if you study a certain wheel for thousands of spins and discover that one favors 7, 17 and 5, you have discovered a clear bias, and can take advantage of this to make money.

Of course, not everybody has the time to spend staring at a roulette wheel for thousands of spins, so most people just stick to regular roulette strategy. Now as mentioned before, the house has a small edge over you in European roulette, but that doesn’t mean you have no chance to win because plenty of players overcome the 2.7% house edge to win money.

But just know that no amount of roulette systems or strategy is going to guarantee profits for you. Instead, you need to focus on bankroll management and win/loss limits. Assuming you do this, you should be alright with the game.

Online roulette has gained rapid popularity over the past few years, as more and more players seek to enjoy the game from the comfort of their home. Online roulette sites offer you the opportunity to play both European and American roulette with a variety of stakes. The gameplay is pretty much the same. You place bets based where the ball will land, and if the number comes in you get paid. There are, however, some fundamental differences. In this article, we discuss roulette and RNGS, and whether it is possible to beat the game online.

House Edge Explained

If you are new to roulette, the first rule to understand is that the casino has an edge. Even if you believe in fate, playing the game as a normal punter will lose you money in the long run. This is due to the green number ‘0’, which is the 37th number on the roulette wheel. Players are only paid winning odds of 1-36 when their single number hits, even though there are 37 possible outcomes. This gives the house an edge of 2.7% over the game. In the long term, this makes the casino more money than they pay out.

Can Roulette Be Beaten

This is also the reason why European roulette is a better option than its American counterpart. An extra number was added when the game reached the USA, the green ’00’, but the payout odds remain the same. This effectively doubles the house edge to 5.26%, giving players less chance of winning and less money back when they do win. If you are playing online roulette, always opt for a European table.

Online Roulette and RNGs

Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal in the mid-17th century, and since then has gained popularity around the world. Despite a rich history, roulette hasn’t changed much during its lifespan, and the rules and gameplay are still very much the same. Online roulette offers the same gameplay as the live game played centuries ago, but the mechanics underlying it are actually very different.

Online roulette is more like slots. It uses a random number generator (RNG) in order to generate the winning number. What you see on your screen is merely a visual representation of a ball spinning around a wheel. The visual representation serves to make the game more exciting and enjoyable.

An RNG uses a complex algorithm in order to generate a sequence of numbers that is (close to) random. When an action is taken (i.e. when you finalize your bet and press ‘spin’) the RNG pulls out the next number from a seed sequence, and then generates the winning number from this. The winning number is effectively already decided the moment your press ‘spin’.

Is Online Roulette Safe?

Online roulette provides the same outcome as live games for casual recreational players. You place your bets, the wheel spins, the ball lands, and you either win or lose. Some players, however, have questioned the legitimacy of the RNG, and whether it truly is random.

The truth is, even the most sophisticated RNGs are not totally random, but they do come extremely close. Each number is generated from a ‘seed’ number, which adds an extra tier to the process. The algorithms are so complex that they are more reliable in terms of the ‘randomness’ of their outcome than the dealer’s spin of a ball. This can be understood by considering the supposed randomness of shuffling cards – An RNG is much more capable of ‘shuffling’ than a person!

Online casinos are businesses, and their job is to provide a service while still making profit. The house edge provides their profit, and odds should pay out exactly as they are stated. In the case of online roulette, the RNG will have an equal chance of hitting every number, and will pay out the same odds as a physical casino offers.

Of course, it is essential to check the legitimacy of any site that you play on. Rigged odds and other unusual activities have occurred in the past and have cost players serious money. Ideally, the site should have been audited by authorities, independently tested, and have a solid reputation for respecting its players. If you see any signs of fraud, look somewhere else immediately.

Free Online Roulette

Can Online Roulette Be Beaten?

We are all about beating the game at roulette physics, so the questions on our mind’s (and perhaps our reader’s minds) is whether online roulette can be beaten?

We must start this discussion at the beginning; in online roulette, as in live roulette, the odds are in the casino’s favor. If you play roulette over a long period of time, you will lose money. Sure, there are some people who’s streak never ends, but if they continued for long enough they would eventually see their money trickle away… it is built into the game.

Strange and creative betting patterns do not change anything about the game. The odds remain the same, and even if you employ the famous Martingale strategy with an almost bottomless bankroll, it can all still go wrong. Progressive betting is not a winning roulette strategy.

The only way to beat roulette is to be able to predict where the ball will land with great enough accuracy to increase your edge. If you can gain even a small edge using techniques that involve physics, and avoid detection by pit bosses and casino owners, then it is possible to beat the game.

All of our roulette strategies are based on physics in some way or another. We tell you how to gain an edge by using roulette computers to predict spins, computer software to trace patterns, and biases in dealers and wheels. Each of these relies on noting variables that only exist on a physical wheel, including the speed of the wheel rotation and ball spin.

But as we have discovered, online roulette is different. Online roulette relies on RNGs to create a sequence of numbers. There is no ball and there is no wheel. The ball and wheel are only visual representations of an RNG. Physics doesn’t really apply here.

There have been attempts to beat online roulette, and there is information out there that tells you it is possible. RNGs are not truly random, and so ‘bots’ have been built with the intention of tracking the sequence and predicting the outcome. This inevitably fails due to the multi-tiered number generation of the RNG. Unless you know the algorithm and seed already, the code is simply too complex to be predicted, and if it could be cracked developers would simply add in another tier. The only other use for the bots is to use them to automatically input betting systems, but this is just as likely to fail as if you entered your bets manually.

Therefore, there is no way to predict the outcome of an online roulette wheel.

Article by: Aleks