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This is dedicated to all DoubleU Casino Fans to ease the collection of daily bonuses instead of visiting many sites. We will try our best to keep this page updated as soon as we found something working. See all Features when your logged in. You can only collect each bonus one time.

DoubleU Casino is one of the best online casino simulators; at least, one of the best popular. Bright and festive, it won’t provide you with real money rewards, but will help you with spending it. No need to download DoubleU Casino apps; all the games can be accessed via Facebook Gameroom or just your browser.

Doubleu Casino Cheats

Graphics 9/10

Luxury and glamour are a little over the top in its design, with no moderate sureness that follows the real rich things. Neon and loud music, coins dropping sound and golden sparks, bright colors in excess and endless zeroes in sums pursue you and chase you into playing.

The designers deserve their share of respect for not making that mayhem we’ve seen in other casinos, preferring to deliver it clear and easy to figure out even for those new to it.

Doubleu Casino App For Pc

Sound 9/10

Doubleu Casino Hack Online

It’s a rare case: an in-game music one can really enjoy. Piano and trumpets, bass and drums sound like a live band playing on the casino’s stage, taking your reason away and setting your mind on risking and taking chances. The music sounds quite modern but works the prewar wonders of mind. As for game sounds, they are just what you might expect from dealing cards or working slot machines.

Gameplay 8/10

It seems that the slot machines out there are very numerous. Each one features its own visuals, with a brief tutorial on winning combinations. Be wise when selecting a machine and placing your bets. Though millions on your virtual account may get you into vertigo, they are just as easy to waste (heh, we’re saying that as if they were real!)

There are regular slot machines, video poker, and all that you can play alone. None of the games presented here offers rewards as real money. You only can purchase chips to spend them on your bets, and, if you’re lucky, get more chips. Even if you manage to spend all you have, don’t hurry out for another one. You can spend some real cash on virtual chips, or try to get rewarded for your activity. Video poker with small bets will be enough to spend some time with minor losses and then get rewarded for your consistence.

Codes For Doubleu Casino

Will DoubleU Casino review gaming process? The answer is probably no. All these games are for one, with no social elements except for some competition among your Facebook friends.

Doubleu Casino Hack Online

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Even if you just want to try each of slot machines or card games once, it will take you long. Some of them may attract you for longer. But DoubleU Casino is not the only one around, and not even the only one on Facebook. So other ones may redraw your attention even before you explore all of DoubleU’s slots.

The Verdict

If you like virtual casino aesthetics, and it does set your mind right and let you relax, we’d recommend spending some time in this one. With no need to install anything to your PC, it’s available also on your mobile devices under the same Facebook account.


  • No need to download DoubleU Casino;
  • Various slot machines and video poker;
  • Rich graphics and luxurious music;
  • Moderate system requirements;
  • Instructions go with any slot machine.


  • Social elements are underdeveloped;
  • Too many slot machines are interchangeable (though luxury is, in fact, the art of the unnecessary).

Graphics 9

Sound 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 8