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I have come here for cash and tournaments. Yhe best way to describe the room is in my title. Collusion and card chip marlong run rampant. I did not see any dealer card mechanics but they do not adhere to TDA regs. Smoke is permeant in the smell of everything in this soon-to-be-replaced ash pile. There are some good friendly employees and some that are bottom rungers or new to the industry. Structures for tourneys are good even if the players are not The cash games are a joke and the rakeback will eat you alive. Tourney payouts are fair and there is a discount poker room food menu. The sushi bar just outside the poker room door has great sashimi. I never seem to run good here probably because i am so fatigued from smoke inhalation that i just go all in to get the f*** away from here. Go elsewhere if you can but as far as Saturday night tourneys in Phoenix metro area. This is the lone ranger.
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Fort Mcdowell Casino Poker

150 reviews of Fort McDowell Casino 'We went to the casino after dinner on New Year's Eve. I had forgotten that there was going to be a live band there, pop gun rerun. So I was very pleased to see them. The place was packed, and theyre a really. Poker ace 99 versi android.