Gambling Is Good Or Not

There is no need to argue, but gambling became very popular today. More and more people start playing online every day. Why does it happen? Is this just an entertainment or an additional source of income? Should casinos be banned? We’ll try to answer all these questions because the opinions about online gambling are entirely different today.

In current times, there is a bunch of online casinos. It means that if you have a desire to try your luck, you can pick up the best online crap joint, and immerse yourself in the gameplay without the necessity to visit this casino personally. For instance, Qatar Online Casino website offers a wide array of online games. It means that gamblers don’t feel the lack of choice. They will always find a fantastic online activity to spend time during a coffee break or pass the time in the evening.

Nevertheless, some users consider that gambling is illegal and it should be banned. Why do they think so? Is it possible to do this?


The Key Reasons Why Online Gambling Should Not Be Banned

Yet the truly bad news about casinos is not found in the tax receipts. /come-funzionano-slot-machine-online/. It’s found in the casinos' economic and social impact on the towns that welcome them. Until the late 1970s, no state except Nevada permitted casino gambling. Then Atlantic City persuaded its state legislature to allow casinos.

Though some people consider all kinds of casinos illegal, that’s not true. Going by that logic, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes should also be banned. If a person can’t control the situation, this is not the problem of the manufacturer of alcoholic beverages or cigarettes. The same is with the online gambling.

  • However, gambling is not the evil monster that many believe it is. Gambling can be helpful to the economy in many ways. Building casinos helps to create more jobs. Casinos also serve as attractions to bring in tourists therefore increasing the wealth of the city.
  • Good traders take many losses – they admit they are wrong and keep the damage small. Not having to win on every trade and taking losses when conditions indicate they should is what allows them.
  • Gambling is not a hobby and no, people do not do it for fun, like they try to claim. To these people, gambling is serious business, not entertainment, because they would rather win their money than work for it and to those ends, they are not even smart enough to invest in low risk stocks and bonds.

Below, you can find the main reasons why the gambling area should not be banned.

1. This is just pure fun.

Every person has a choice. The same is with the gambler. The principal purpose of this area is to provide a player with the feeling of risk. It also brings entertainment. Thus, it is not honest to blame the gambling industry only because players can’t control themselves. If you are a gambling person who simply can’t stop, you shouldn’t play for real money at all.

2. Gambling doesn’t influence the society.

This is a good method of relaxation for some people. After a hard working day, they come to a brick-and-mortar or online casino and relax. Some experts consider that this is a form of therapy allowing players to switch the attention.

It also helps train some skills. When you play some games, you develop your strategy. You think of how you should behave in one or another situation. Thus, you not only relax but train your brain as well.

Reasons Why Gambling Is Bad

Gambling is a choice of a person. It can’t influence the whole society.

3. Casinos attract tourists.

If a casino is located in a tourist place, it will attract players from different countries. For instance, people come to this city in order to have a rest, enjoy the sea, etc. In the evening, they visit casinos, relax, play and win! Otherwise stated, this is a fair opportunity to vary their vacation.

4. People should be at liberty.

The government can’t decide for everyone what activities are legal and which ones should be banned. People have the right to choose how they want to spend their free time. Even if this activity is banned, they will always find the ways to get around the law and continue playing. For that reason, the prohibition on online gambling will not work. Truly gamblers will always see how to access their favorite casinos or find the other ones to experience the gameplay.

5. It boosts the economy of the country.

Legalized gambling can boost the economy of the country. This is an additional source of income allowing the government to cover some expenses. When casinos are illegal, it means the country loses the additional revenue.

Gambling is a disease, often thought of as a psychological condition many cannot control. Gambling exudes endorphins, that allow a high to take over one’s body. Not only can gambling ruin the lives of players but also that of their families; therefore, I am against it.

Twenty-one is an age that allows many luxuries to saunter into your life. You’re allowed to consume alcohol, you may purchase a handgun, and your finally allowed to gamble. It’s a rush as you walk into the glistening casino, all the bright lights, the sparkling glass, the laughing adults, the glistening slot machines, the opulence of it all. It’s exciting to finally be considered an adult. Sure, once you turn eighteen you’re considered a legal adult, but once you turn twenty-one your maturity level has soared in the eyes of your elders.

So, as you sit down at the grandiose slot machine and tug at the lever you’re completely oblivious to the disease you may have allowed into your life. The addiction that might be being fed as the blackjack dealer slaps down a new deck of cards right beside you. You’re completely oblivious to the sudden appearance of this possible addiction. You are just flying high on the thrill of it all.

As of February 9, 2009, three million adults in America met the criteria for pathological gambling. Gambling is just like any other addiction; it grates on your emotions and slowly takes control of your life, allowing you to feel nothing but that rush.

Statistics show that compulsive gambling may lead to devastating circumstances for the gambler and their family. A compulsive gambler may experience the same withdrawals as any other addict: chemical withdrawals, which may consist of sweating, palpitations and extreme itching, emotional withdrawal, post acute withdrawal, and new addictions. Someone who suffers from pathological gambling (ludomania) may also experience delusional fantasies involving unrealistic winnings, whether it be past, present or future gambles.


One semester San Diego State University’s The Daily Aztec reported a student standing outside the university, asking various passerbys for money. Why, you ask? The reason the young man had said, was because he lost his tuition money playing blackjack in Las Vegas. The student, an “experienced gambler,” lost $1,000. He states that he’d set aside his money for tuition, but then lost $500 playing. He then lost another $500 trying to win his loses back.

Another student reports that he’d become so addicted to gambling he decided to take up dealing as an occupation. The dealing cured him of his need for a gambling fix. “John” reports that he’d seen many persons lose $3,000 in ten minutes and someone else swoop in during that period of time and win $6,000.”

Although, the latter student’s outcome proves that not everyone suffers with an addiction to gambling, we cannot prove that it’s a healthy “sport.” While gambling may start off as a game for some, and stay that way, it can become a lifestyle for others.

Why Is Gambling Illegal

I feel that the high associated with gambling is similar to the high experienced by the miners during the Gold Rush, the get rich quick excitement. The Gold Rush caused such a frenzy throughout the world that people couldn’t help but feel a rush with the possibility of striking it rich. Native Americans were killed over a little speck of gold, children were forced into labor to keep the mines operating longer hours, and families were torn apart just so someone could spend their day out in the audacious sun, looking for a little of something or a lot of nothing.

What Is Considered Gambling

I doubt the people that lived so many years ago realized they had fallen “prey” to an unhealthy addiction, but because of gold, millions of men and women suffered with an addiction to gold, the gamble of “get rich quick” much like that of todays compulsive gamblers who will sacrifice anything to gamble one last time. That one last time will be the big win.

Why Is Gambling Good

As Ayn Rand once said: “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”