How To Buy Guild Bank Slots Wow

A guild bank lets you exchange items not right for your class or style with ones you prefer or simply help out those less fortunate. With patch 2.3 real guild banks have been introduced and players no longer need to host a bank character for their guild. Guilds are a great way to improve your World of Warcraft experience. Find a Guild Edit. Each character can purchase up to seven bag slots in the bank.The cost of the bag slots in the bank increases with each extra slot purchased, starting at 10, then increasing to 1, then 10, then 25 for the rest, for a total of 111 10 for all seven slots. Empty bag slots that do not have a bag equipped cannot hold items (other than bags).

  • 7.0
  • Caching, so sorting should be more efficient
  • Inherit the ignoring of the built-in bags
  • New option: put junk *all* the way at the back of your bags, like the Blizzard sorter
  • Groups for the reagent bank
  • Summarize what happens when you're stacking items, so it's more visible
  • `/squashbags` to just fill in holes from the back of your bags
  • Bugfix: if you were sorting only profession-bags, it'd error out

  • 6.0
  • Work with the reagent bank
  • Stop a stall in the guild bank when merging stacks

  • Sanity check on item detail fetching
  • Implement a /shuffle command for testing, to just completely mess up your bags
  • Attempt to retry moves. Most notably, if we find ourselves sitting there with an unlocked destination and an item on the cursor. Also attempt to retry a move which seems to have just been lost, though that's a bit more speculative.
  • Add some protection from an endless while loop when sorting
  • Abort if a move takes too long.
  • Account for battle pets. Use GetCursorInfo instead of HasCursorItem.
How To Buy Guild Bank Slots Wow
  • Update for 5.0
  • Ignore whole bags by entering just a bagid into the ignore add/remove fields
  • Fix keybindings
  • Slashcommands now know how many arguments they expect, and will complain if they're not given

  • Guild bank timing adjusted to avoid running into the throttler Blizzard added last week
  • New advanced options so you can tweak this timing yourself if it changes

  • 4.2.
  • Assorted fixes and features; subtle bugs relating to sorting in the core bank bag, especially.

  • Bug fixed: group-names including numbers were not being interpreted correctly. ('guild1' would try to sort bag 1.)
  • Potential nil error.

  • TOC to 40000.
  • Smarter ordering of events when sorting a mix of bag types, to avoid extra moves if possible.
  • Change how the automatic actions happen to probably-avoid timing issues a few people complained of.
  • Finally fixed the false positive 'you have to be at the bank' when not trying to sort your bank.
  • New localizations: esES, frFR, zhTW. deDE localization rather more thorough.

19b: Typo again. I suck.
19a: Typo!
  • New options for automatically sorting/stacking/whatever when going afk and visiting the bank.
  • /sort and /compress can now accept multiple groups as arguments, and will sort/compress each one individually.
  • Anything referring to the 'bank' group will automatically fall back on the guild bank group if you're at the guild bank.
  • Fixed lua error while filling in some cases
  • Fixed sorting of guild bank items in the not-currently-viewed tab

  • Works in Cataclysm / PTR.
  • Profession bags are properly supported. Sorting will move items that can go into a specialty bag into one.
  • Huge sorts are less jerky
  • Some guild bank glitches fixed
  • /fill respects your order setting

  • Bump ye-olde-TOC
  • Fix options opening problem because of change in Ace3
  • Fix guild bank sorting when addons like Bagnon which suppress the default guild bank UI are installed.
  • Fix apparently long-existing bug with compressing which caused 'confused!' aborts if a single stack could be moved into more than one partial stack.
  • Show number of moves remaining in the broker plugin. (Mainly useful for guild bank, since everything else happens so quickly.)

  • Bump ye-olde-TOC
  • LibDBIcon included so that people without a broker display will have a minimap icon

  • Bump ye-olde-TOC

12 (r126):
  • Make the default DB profile not be per-char.
  • Add ruRU, zhCN, deDE, koKR localizations.
11 (r119):
  • It's been six months.. bump that TOC!
  • Switch it to a LDB dataobject instead of a FuBar plugin. (Use Broker2FuBar if you want to get it into FuBar.)
  • Fix some bugs with ignoring and groups.
10 (r79704):
  • Option to move soulbound items to the front.
  • Broke out the FuBar plugin into its own addon. (And actually embed all the FuBar libs, which means it'll reliably show up on FuBar.)
  • 'Tiny adjustment which stops the sorter from crashing when comparing two 'unknown typed' items.' --grum
  • Use AceDB-3.0. It's nice.
9 (r57701): Click actions on the fubar plugin are now configurable. Guild bank tabs are allowed in custom groups.
8 (r55972): Sorting junk to the back was broken by a typo; fixed.
7 (r55665): Sorting now fills stacks in profession bags if possible. General optimization.
6 (r55583):
  • Sorting now matches the Auction House categories.
  • Guild bank support is much more permissive (it's your own job to make sure you have enough withdrawals)
  • 'Reverse sort' option
  • Add default groups for each guild bank tab (guild1 .. guild6)
  • Sorting conjured items to the back is massively sped up
  • FuBar plugin now works if you don't have Rock (also, icon)
  • Rewrote the config system, let it work with a right-click on the FuBar plugin
5 (r54956): Guild bank support, /fill, conjured items to the back.
4 (r54574): Update the TOC for 2.3.Wow guild bank classic
3 (r54306): Ignores, custom groups, optimized moves.

Wow Guild Bank Access

2 (r53814): Sorting now compresses the bags first, and will sort specialty bags separately.

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