Lenovo T450s 3rd M2 Slot

Apr 27, 2015  If I order a t450s with the 16GB NGFF caching drive, the 3rd NGFF slot option, but no WWAN module, where will the 16GB ssd be installed? In the slot that takes the place of the smartcard reader, or in the place of the WLAN card (so the slot that takes the. Mar 27, 2014  I'm hoping that the 3rd slot is retrofit-able but I can't find anything promising in the BOM. If anyone knows of a solution (maybe a part number from the M.2 daughter-board the next time they dare to remove the base) I'd be very grateful.

  1. Lenovo T450 Screen Size
  2. Lenovo T450 Laptop
  3. Lenovo T450 Specifications
  4. Lenovo T450 Drivers
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  • With all of the connections ports businesses require, plus the newest Intel® Core™ i Series processors in a sleek, lightweight, and durable package, this laptop is built for business and ready to deploy. Also, two DIMM slots and three USB 3.0 ports make it ready for all enterprise bids.
  • Graphics, Storage, Battery and Conclusion. The Thinkpad T450s is Lenovo's latest addition to the legendary Thinkpad T series. This update brings Broadwell and several other refinements, but most.

In this guide, I’ll be taking apart a Lenovo ThinkPad T450s in order to access and upgrade the hard drive, SSD and RAM.

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1. Removing the bottom cover

Lenovo T450 Screen Size

First of all, unlock and remove the battery.
Remove all screws securing the bottom cover. Pry up and remove the cover.
You can use a guitar pick or any other piece of plastic to split the case.

Under the bottom cover you can get access to the following internal components:
– Hard drive
– RAM slot
– M.2 slot
– Internal battery
– Heat sink and Cooling Fan
– Wireless card
– CMOS battery
– Speaker
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Lenovo T450 Laptop

2. Upgrade the RAM

The ThinkPad T450s comes with 4GB DDR3L-1600MHz RAM, but it’s also has a spare RAM slot.
In my case, I will add a Kingston 8GB RAM.

Here’s my new Kingston 8GB DDR3L-1600MHz RAM.

3. Upgrade the SSD

Here’s WWAN M.2 slot, I will install a Plextor 2242 M.2 SSD into the slot.

Lenovo T450 Specifications

4. Upgrade the hard drive

Lenovo T450 Drivers

The T450s comes with HGST 500GB 7200RPM hard drive. If necessary, you can upgrade to a larger capacity hard drive, or replace it with a 2.5″ SSD.