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'Speaking english'
'thoughts english
'Spells/ Foreign language/ jutsu'

'Thank you for meeting with me, Milady,' An elderly man said, standing as a young woman walked into the unremarkable room. The old man was dressed oddly in the woman's opinion. His long white beard was tucked into the belt of his robe, which had large, white stars patterned all over. Blue eyes twinkled behind half-moon glasses that rested on a long crooked nose.

'It must be important for an acquaintance of my great uncle's to contact us,' The woman replied. She wore the formal attire of one in her position. A white robe covered her, and a large hat with the kanji of 'Fire' sat proudly on her head, with cloth flowing down from it to cover all sides of her neck bar her face. Her face was beautiful. Large brown eyes, small petite nose and pouty lips. In the center of her forehead was a small purple diamond, perhaps a tattoo the an thought. Overall she looked decidedly young for the leader of a powerful ninja nation. And he said as much.

The woman smirked, her hat hiding her expression. 'Do not let your eyes fool you Mr. Dumbledore. I am much older than I appear. But we did not come to discus my age or capabilities as leader of my village. Of what did you deem important enough to demand a meeting with you?. Even going so far as to force your way through the barrier?'

'My dear woman, force is such an inappropriate term. I merely wished to ask the neice of my dearly departed friend a favor.'

'Who just happens to be leader of a ninja nation. This is an international matter, no matter how discrete you wished to keep it. Due to your connection with my great uncle, the Second Hokage, I have allowed this meeting and will consider your request depending on what it is. I currently speak on behalf of all five Kages' and their Daimyos'. Therefore, I, Tsunade Senju, Hokage of the Konoha, ask you, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, what you wish of our country?'

Dumbledore frowned slightly. This was not working out as he had hoped. The ninja were as stubborn and reclusive now as they were one hundred years ago. This meeting had taken much persuasion and, regrettably force to attain. The magic that protected their world from outside influence was a strong as ever. Although they called their magic 'chakra' and could manipulate it in many different ways.

'Lady Hokage, how familiar are your people with the way of the outside world?' Dumbledore asked. The Hokage frowned.

'Better than how familiar you are to ours. If you hadn't noticed, we're speaking English. Our nations have adopted Japanese as our first language due to our location in the 'Pacific Ocean' your world calls it. We are up to date with matters, most specifically any that could affect our lands. What is it that you ask of us?'

The elderly man started when he was told that English wasn't her native tongue. She spoke it fluently and without a hint of an accent. This would be troublesome, how could they have so much information on the outside world, enough to speak various languages fluently? What about the world of magic?

'How much knowledge do you have of witched, wizards and the Ministry then?' he questioned.


Dumbledore smiled, as if indulging a small child. Tsunade decided she didn't like that look.

'Why the Ministry of Magic. The establishment that governs over all Magic in England, the leading country in all magic. Why in the whole world, England has the most advanced and powerful techniques.' Tsunade then decided she really didn't like the slight smug tone that was coating his voice, and then decided to stop him talking then.

'Oh, magic. That's right, that's what you people call chakra and need to control through wands. Well, England you say? That's in the United Kingdom right? Well I agree the English are quite advance when it comes to 'magic', but I have to say, your teaching programs are similar all over the world, why France is quite close with England. Though they do not call their government the 'Ministry', They prefer to call it the 'Bureaucracy of Magic'. In Australia it is the 'Dominion', in America it's the 'Presidency'. All use the same basic teaching methods, so their are very few different styles.'

Albus's eyes widened. Their information network was incredible! The ministry barely had enough information on Europe let alone south of the equator! Yet here were these people who had been secluded from the rest of the world who had top quality intel on everywhere and everyone.

'Was the objective of this meeting to gain information on your possible enemies and allies?' Tsunade questioned harshly. 'We are not your scouts or spies. We do not give out information to outsiders.'

'No, no, no,' Dumbledore hastily shook his head. He can't recall when he was last this much out of his depth. The woman even knew his full name, which he only ever signed or said on official documents and business. 'Have your people heard of a dark wizard by the name of Voldemort?' he said somewhat desperately.

The Hokage frowned thoughtfully. 'Dark wizard? Ah, that's what you people call missing-nin, yes?' At Dumbledore's puzzled look, she waved that thought away. Dumbledore tucked that bit of information in the back of his mind for reviewing at his own leisure. 'Voldemort, once known as a Mr. Tom Riddle. Orphan. Son of a magic-born and non magic-born. Taken to England's Hogwarts once he was at the appropriate age of eleven. When your society deems them old enough to educate. Was an exceptional student through schooling. Gathered followers whilst in school as well as after graduation. Adopted the name Voldemort when started his campaign to overtake your government. Stopped when following a prophecy' Tsunade snorted. Who believed in prophecys?

Dumbledore was shocked. Their information was so thorough, so complete. They couldn't have information that detailed on every witch and wizard, could they? Tsunade read his expression easily.

'In answer to what your thinking, we do not. We do not have enough time or space to keep records on every magic being that you govern. We paid attention to this man because if left unattended, he could have been a threat to our society or a possible ally if succeeding in his campaign, so we needed to know your situation was handled. He was a threat to your world and so was considered a possible enemy to ours. We have files on the main players in your world, and others. We must observe every possible threat.'

'Then you know that he has returned. He is a threat once more.'

'We know that through some ritual, he was able to achieve a corporal body once again and is now once again plotting a war with your government.'

'Good, then that leaves less explaining to do. I would like to hire your best ninja to guard one Harry Potter throughout the coming years.' Dumbledore propositioned. It was so sudden, Tsunade was speechless.

'You want to what?'

'Hire out your ninja. To protect Harry Potter, he has had several attempts on his life in the last month, all with him unaware of it mind you. You are a military nation that hires out your forces are you not? I am a client. I wish for your best ninja to defend Harry Potter, and the grounds of Hogwarts too while we're at it, for the next few years. Funds are not an issue I assure you. Since you know who Voldemort is, then you understand that it is of the utmost importance that we defeat him. Harry Potter is the only one who is able to, as the prophecy foretold.' Dumbledore went on to explain. 'Now, the semester starts September First, but ! would like for your ninja to meet with the wizards who are overseeing his safety at-'

'NO!' The leader of Konoha exploded, finally getting her voice. Dumbledore staggered slightly under the pressure of her chakra. 'We have remained independent of your world for centuries. We do not hand out shinobi to every person that says they'll pay. This war with Voldemort is your problem, not ours. If he becomes a threat to us then we will deal with it how we always have. To you he is the epitome of evil, but we have watched countless countries fall to enemies who become their new heroes and leaders. Why, to the people who England invaded, you would have been seen as the worst type of nation there is, but you yourselves do not see it. The Aborigines of Australia, the Natives of America. Should we have intervened when you were expanding your territory? No! This is simply another one of your little wars that do not involve us, so we shall no be involved.'

Dumbledore was properly cowed. But he did not come this way to receive no for an answer.

'Surely you must see that Voldemort is nothing but evil! If he conquers our world, what's to say he won't move onto yours?'

'The knowledge of the Elemental Nations is extremely rare in your world. You, who only know of us through meeting my great uncle a handful of times when he was on reconnaissance missions, should know this. A grand total of twelve books in your country and ninety three world wide, have any sort of solid information on us, and that's educated guesses at best. Ninja's are bedtime stories mothers read to their children. Unless this Voldemort likes chasing fairy tales, such as what we have become, then I doubt we will see much of a problem from him.'

'You do not know how resourceful or powerful he has become. Although I do not say it often, if at all, I am one of the most powerful wizards of our time, and Voldemort could defeat me.' The Hogwarts Headmaster's magic swelled at this.

Tsunade snorted. His power was nothing. 'Why would that matter to me. To us you would rank chuunin, maybe even a jounin, but a jounin none the less.' Dumbledore frowned at the unfamiliar term, his power swelling then decreasing and then swelling again. The Hokage sighed, there was no harm in telling him their ranks, after all it was written in a book in their world. Mind you it was only one, and it was in America at the moment, in the fantasy section. Well if the man did his homework proper, then he would know already.

'We have a ranking system. What military organization doesn't? First we have academy students, those who have just started learning our ways. They are about equal to your first years at wizarding schools. Then we have Gennin, ninja-in-training. They are at the level of your graduates. Chuunin is next, your full fledged ninja. They match your aurors, and the majority of your wizarding world. Jounin are the elite. They are the ones who carry out our most difficult missions, this is where you might possibly be in terms of power. Then there are ANBU, they deal with the black ops missions, they are the elite of the elite, we know no-one in your country able to oppose our ANBU. Personally chosen by Kage's to be their body guards, hands, eyes and ears. Sannin, there are only three in our world and your looking at one, and then Kage level, the leaders and rulers of every single ninja in our land. There are five of us, technically six but that's not important right now, and we each rule our own nation. That's seven rankings and you barely make it to rank four. This Voldemort will not cause us trouble.'

'I assure you my lady, that maybe in terms of power we are inferior, but do not assume superiority over us. Many a fight has been won, not due to strength, but ingenuity. I myself have assisted in the creation of an object that could turn any material into gold and make oneself immortal.' Wild hand movements accompanied his argument, most childish in the Leaf leader's opinion.

Tsunade stared at him with barely restrained contempt. 'Immortality? That's the best you have? We have a rogue ninja, like your dark wizard, who is able to live forever due to him taking over a possessing different bodies and absorbing the powers that the host body holds. We have entire families that can see through walls, through your very body. One of my advisers has an IQ of over two hundred and one of my subordinates has personally arranged peace treaties with every major village in our lands. Do not lecture me as if i were a child Mr. Dumbledore. I am aware of the realities of battle, I have been in more wars and fights than you can possibly imagine and have seen things that would curl your beard. We are not taking sides in your war. If Voldemort came to us instead of you then we would give him the same answer. We are done here.'

Tsunade turned to leave the room. She had her ANBU waiting just outside that would be escorting her back to the Kage summit. She needed to tell the other Kage's of what the outsider wanted, and then they needed to get back to their war. As her hand touched the door handle, she heard a barely whispered,


Her hand stopped, the door handle rattled. A heart beat later, a man was beside her. Dumbledore stared. He should have known she would have brought her bodyguards. This must be one of those ANBU. The man towered over the Hokage. He was dressed in black pant and a sleeveless black shirt that was covered in a strange grey armor that left his shoulders and arms bare. A symbol was tattooed to his left arm, which Dumbledore memorized instantly. Black gauntlets with the same colored armor covered his forearms. Pouches were strapped to each of his thighs by what seemed to be bandages. But what caught his attention the most was the white, porcelain mask tat covered the man's face. It was shaped into that of a creature, with blood red paint to outline it's features. Albus looked as the man stared at the frozen Hokage, unable to tell what expression was on his face due to the white mask.

'Hokage-sama,' the man questioned. Dumbledore, didn't allow the frown to cross his face, they were speaking Japanese. He was a little rusty but he may be able to fluke this.

Magic Magic Ninja What Lyrics


'Return to your post. I will come when I am finished.' The masked man caught the off tone to his leaders voice. Her eyes were tight, and her posture stiff. Well the conversation hadn't been going in a good direction from what he could tell so it was understandable. Bowing the man was about to leave when,

'Make sure you and the others are out of hearing distance. I am going to be questioning this Dumbledore on the outside.'

The man frowned, why would he not be allowed near? But an order was an order, and an instant later he was gone. Waiting a good few minutes to make sure her guards had left, Dumbledore revealed his hidden wand. Pointing it at the Hokage, he said softly,

'Turn around.' The Hokage did so. In her mind she was raging. How was this possible, he should not have the power to do this to her! Her mastery of her mind was impeccable. This would be one of the forbidden jutsu or 'spells' as they called them. But from what she knew, she shouldn't be able to realize she is under his command, unless this is his own spell or a modified version.

'I apologize for having to resort to this, but your indifference on the matter has forced my hand. The ends justify the means. Voldemort must be destroyed and I will not allow you to stand idle whilst people who are precious to me are killed when you could of done something.' Tsunade blinked, being able to slightly understand his reasoning.

'I can assume from your already impressive display of knowledge that you would be able to name the spell I am using. Imperium. Able to fully control a person's mind and body. As you know, my power is no where near yours so I had to modify it a little. You see, I have done my homework on your kind. One book so kindly stated that your power was so much greater than ours that you can barely sense it. So how were you to know when i was gathering my power compared to say, when I was upset?'

Tsunade's eyes widened. The wild hand gestures, the fluctuating magic she felt around him. He was preparing for this from the start. But even so, concentrating his power shouldn't be enough to take over her mind.

'Now your great uncle did leave me with something extraordinary.' Dumbledore continued, eyes sparkling. 'His essence of magic was water, as you probably well know, and so a tiny vile was left when he had to battle some rather nasty heliopaths. Spirits of fire horses. So he used his water magic and I just happened to get some. Now,' Tsunade was strongly reminded of the Academy teachers, 'Magic has this little branch called blood magic. It is highly dangerous, mind you, and illegal, but very useful in the right hands. Using blood magic, I was able to seperate your, Senju, is it? hereditary traits. I won't go into the details, much to pressed for time for that, but I am able to control you to some extent with this and the Imperium curse.'

Tsunade was outraged, the second this jutsu wore off, she would personally turn him into a bloody pulp.

'Now, I have already taken the time to draw up a contract for our little deal. If you would be so kind as to sign, I will take my leave and you may return to your country.'

Magic magic ninja what

Fuming, Tsunade was forced to walk over to a plain table that held the said documentation Dumbledore wanted signed. Dammit, if only she could move a single finger by her own will, the table would become dust. Ignoring her obvious anger, Dumbledore continued talking.

'I also understand that by signing this contract you will be involving your lands in an international dispute. This will most likely have to be discussed with the other lands. I chose to confront your lands because you have the highest level of honor, so without further ado.' The wizard waved his wand, and Tsunade bit her finger. Another wave and she had signed her name at the bottom of the contract. Dumbledore then wrote down his very long signature.

'Now you have signed a contract between us, I hope you will honor it. You may have your vengeance against me after Voldemort is destroyed if you wish. But I also hope you will understand why I have to do this.' He lowered his wand, and stopped the curse. Tsunade clicked her fingers the second she was able. Dumbledore flew across the room and was slammed into the opposite wall. When his vision cleared, he was staring at three different porcelain masks. Each was a different pattern. Was that one a dove?

'Hokage-sama, what are your orders?' A voice said. It was the man from before. His back was to him and he was kneeling before the Hokage. Now he could see the man's back, he could also see the sheathed sword that was strapped to his back, and that it didn't look uncomfortable there at all.

'This man has forced my hand. Literally. We must meet with the other Kages. They may hate it, but we'll have to pool all of our knowledge of the outside. I'm sending a squad for guard duty with the occaisional assassination.' Dumbledore could only catch bits of the conversation, he was going to have to brush up on his Japanese.

'Deer, return his stick to him. He may leave.' A hand forced an object into his hand. Only then did Dumbledore notice that his wand had been taken from him. The Hokage turned to face him. 'Your methods are disgusting and dishonorable. Know this, your actions today have made it near impossible for our two worlds to ever be allied. I will need to discus the situation to my fellow Kage.' Then she paused, he gazed locked onto the signed contract.

'You will have you ninja, you will have our best. But be warned, we are a different people, we view things in a different perspective. Understand they will act according to how our society dictates, not yours. They are not your puppets, we have out own methods of communication, that you will not be able to tamper with or review.'

Dumbledore nodded, expecting as much. He slid a hand into his sleeve, not missing the tensing of the guards as he did so. They were alert, good. He withdrew a piece of parchment, with very neat, curly hand writing on it.

'I understand your terms, and I have done my utmost to make this small alliance easier. If you read through the contract it will state what I would like done. Now here are the directions to where the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix lay. They are the secret group of witches and wizards who are fighting Voldemort's Death Eaters at the moment. Since our government refuses to publicly acknowledge his return we are forced to use guerrilla tactics. Meet with them to form a plan on defending Harry Potter. I have also listed Hogwarts and it's students in the contract, but Harry Potter is the priority.' Dumbledore took out what seemed to be an old key from a hidden pocket inside his robe. The ninja holding him stared.

'I will take my leave. If your ninja would meet the Order as soon as they can it would be greatly appreciated.' The ANBU tensed, sensing something was about to happen. Sure enough a few seconds later, Albus had disappeared. The ANBU didn't waste a second, instantly spreading out to cover their Hokage as well as scanning the surrounding area.

'He's gone. That was one of their methods of transportation. Now we must head to the summit and discus this with the Kages. From what he just let slip, their country is in the middle of a civil cold war too,' Tsunade said wearily. The ANBU turned to her and nodded. A millisecond later, their bodies had blurred and were gone. The only sign anyone was in the room, a crack on the wall.


The instant his feet hit the familiar floor of his office, he collapsed.

How To Do Ninja Magic

'Albus!' A worried voice yelled. Hands helped him to stand. He looked around and saw the members of the Order all waiting for him to return.

'Why hello everyone, what may I do for you?' he said smiling. Minerva, the one to call out, glared at him slightly.

'You know very well headmaster. What did the 'ninja' have to say.' She replied sternly, not allowing him to brush off his moment of weakness.

'Well we will be hosting a 'squad' of them for the coming few years, until Harry has graduated. From what I know that is usually four people. They will also be protecting the grounds so we wont have any more midnight skirmishes with the mercenary wizards. I have requested and confirmed that they will be sending their best, so please be aware they will be incredibly battle hardened. Ah, the are also doing this completely not of their own free will.'

Everyone in the room stared.

'What do you mean Albus?' A man with a spinning false eye demanded. The rest of the room nodded.

'Well they were quite adamant to keep out of our affairs in the interest of their own, admirable on their half, but completely unacceptable on ours, so using methods I do not wish to discuss, the leader of one of the most powerful 'villages' signed a contract with me. They are honor bound to follow it. I am hoping that once they see how righteous our cause is, they will be willing to stay on as staff full time until the war is over.' the room was quiet before it exploded with sound, everyone trying to be heard.

'You forced them?'

'The ministry is going to love this.'

'How are having unwilling guards going to be any good?'

'If you could force them, then are they powerful enough?'

'You forced ninja?'

'What do you mean by village? Are they that uncivilized?

'Ninja? They actually exist?'

'What is Cornelius going to stay when he finds out you have ninja?'

'How did you force ninja?'

'SILENCE!' The man with the spinning eye yelled. The room quietened. He turned his gaze towards Dumbledore, even his spinning eye was still, and pinned on the tall thin man.

'You obviously have some plan and faith in these ninja's skills. So we have to trust that you know what your doing. But Voldemort's plan doesn't only involve killing Harry, If it did then we would be facing every Death Eater out there. No, now we have protection for Harry, we must focus on stopping his influence from reaching the muggle world and from turning any other good witches and wizards to his side. He is planning a compete take over of all magic, and we must stop him.'

The people in the room stared in awe at the retired auror before them. Never has he said such an inspiring speech before. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled behind his glasses.

'Well said Moody, now a handful of you must go and retrieve Harry from his relatives, we have intercepted a communication that says the enemy plans to attack there tonight. Moving him will be dangerous as they will most likely attack you whilst you are moving. The guards will be meeting you at Grimmauld place to further discuss their job description, so someone must be there at all time to await their arrival. Moody, I would like that person to be you, that way you can keep an eye on them at all times. I trust they will do their jobs, but they will most likely be searching for any information about us they can get.'

The room nodded, Moody scowled. Keeping an eye on the best ninja available sounded like a death wish, but he knew it needed to be done.

'Very well, I have much to attend to and I'm sure you are all busy people. Can I offer anyone a portkey?'


Kage Summit
'Japanese speaking'

'THEY DID WHAT?' A large man with chocolate colored skin slammed his fist down on the table. If it wasn't made with chakra reinforced stone, Tsunade was sure it would have been reduced to dust.

'Calm down Raikage, this problem is going to take much planning, not brutal strength.' A small man with a large bulbous nose said sternly.

'I must disagree with you here Tsuchikage, ' An very attractive female with long red hair argued. 'This could quite very well be seen as an act of war. Forcing the leader to sign a contract demanding military forces from her, especially now, we can ignore it and focus on our own problems, when we are finished we can crush the arrogant man'

'The Mizukage has a point,' A young man with red hair said. He had been quiet through the entire meeting until now. 'This is their problem, as the Hokage told them. Forcing her hand after she declined means you do not have to honor this contract at all.'

Tsunade frowned. As much as she agreed with her fellow Kage, she could not in good faith, dishonor a contract signed with her own blood, no matter how underhanded the method used to obtain it was.

'The Kazekage has a point,' the old man said. 'But we can discus the outside would later, what are we to do about our war?'

'It seems that Sound was just a pawn of the Akatsuki's, They were the cannon fodder.'

'So Orochimaru is still a member then?

'It seems that way yes, which means their extraction of the tailed beasts will go much quicker.'

'But only the nine tails and eight tails remain.'

'With Orochimaru not able to do the ritual until he is well, Akatsuki will have to wait for him.'

'What does Itachi think of Orochimaru using his little brother as a host body?'

'From what has been gathered he is most against it.'

'Why would it bother him? He massacred his entire clan!'

'But left his brother alive, he must have some sentimental attachment to him.'

'But what does Sasuke think of having to work with the one that killed his family?'

'They have been kept separate. From what our spies have heard, Sasuke knows he's not strong enough so will wait until he thinks himself ready.'

'So how are they able to work together?'

'It seems Pain and Orochimaru have come to a deal. The snake will capture the nine tails in exchange for Sasuke.'

'Itachi is fine with that?'

'He has no choice, it is his leader's decision, although I think he might fight when the time comes though,'

'Orochimaru has certainly planned this well.'

'Orochimaru is the one after the kid?'

'He does not deserve to bear the name Kage!' The Raikage said, anger and disgust coloring his tone.

'How much time do we have before he takes the Uchiha, and the Akatsuki start hunting in earnest?' asked the Kazekage.

'Well when the Uchiha turned traitor he was thirteen. It was a year later the other turned as well. When they were sixteen was the original planned date for the transfer, but my ANBU were able to stop that, at heavy cost. So they would have to be nineteen before Orochimaru can attempt again. They are currently seventeen if I remember correctly, so roughly two years, two and a half at most.' The Hokage explained.

'Wait a moment,' The Tsuchikage said. The others turned towards him. He had a look of deep concentration on his face, Tsunade swore she could see another wrinkle forming. 'How old is this Harry Potter?' Tsunade blinked, that was a drastic change of subject.

'He is fifteen from the information I have been given.' She replied cautiously.

'Hmmm,' The Tsuchikage did not elaborate. The room was silent.

'The timing is almost too perfect,' the quite voice of the young Sand leader said. The Hidden Rock leader smiled at the red head. The boy was quick.

'What are you thinking?' demanded the Hidden Cloud's Raikage.

'Orochimaru has to wait until the boy turns nineteen yes?' The small man explained. The Raikage nodded in understanding. 'The guard contract with the outside is until the Potter boy graduates. They graduate at seventeen. He is fifteen.'

It clicked. Your could visibly see when each of the leaders grasped the idea.

'Your thinking of sending the squad with Naruto?' Tsunade gasped. It was brilliant. This way, Naruto would be out of harm's way and they could re-divert all their forces to taking down Sound. No matter the quality of shinobi, you can't fight a war without an army.

'This might work,' The Leaf leader said eventually. The Tsuchikage grinned.

'So we send the nine tails jinchuuriki outside? Who else shall accompany him?' The Mizukage asked. This had nothing to do with her country, but it was always handy to stay informed of such international matters.

'I will send my Alpha squad.' The Hokage stated, determination shining from her eyes. The Kazekage's eyes widened.

'Are you sure you need to send all of them? They are arguable the most powerful and lethal force at the moment. Their strength and cunning would be a great asset to our war efforts.'

'Be that as it may, I would rather them with Naruto. They are familiar with his command and if any enemy were to discover their location, there are the best suited to defend against. Plus, focusing on what the wizard told me. The outside is politically unstable, in the middle of a civil cold war. The team is intelligent enough to evade questions whilst gathering information. I have no doubt they will try and get them to stay, so they need to be as diplomatic as possible when saying no.'

The Kage's all snorted in amusement, Tsunade allowed herself a small grin. Although he had be training to be better, diplomatic isn't the word you would usually use to describe Uzumaki Naruto.

'Their team is also highly suited to guard duty of, Hogwarts Castle. Wow, where do they get their names from?' Looking up, she met the gaze of each of the Kage's with a stern glare. 'For this mission to be any sort of success, in both aspects. I will need any and all information you have on the outside world, specifically the culture of wizarding England and it's government.'

The gazes of the other Kage turned stony, except for the Kazekage, who expression remained impassive.

'You realize you are asking for free information?' growled the Raikage. Tsunade glared right back.

'I am. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, but for the success of this mission and the war, we need this information.'

'I agree.'

Tsunade stared at her fellow female Kage, shocked. She would have expected Gaara to be the first to say yes. 'Oh, don't look at me like that. I am well aware of the situation and this is the best course of action. Besides, information on the outside isn't really that hard to get and can hardly be used to harm my country in any way.' The woman said airily, flipping her red hair over her shoulder.

'The Land of Wind has the most information, due to our location furthest west. We are closest to the barrier, so we are the first target should the outside attack.' The Kazekage said, his monotone voice showing support for the Hokage.

'Never thought I'd see the day I'd be willingly giving free information to Konoha,' The Tsuchikage muttered. 'I agree as well.' he said to the room.

'Cloud will not be the only village that doesn't help out it's allies! We agree as well!' the Raikage said loudly, his fist denting the table once again. The Hokage smile warmly.

'I know how difficult it is for you to give us this information so I will make it as painless as I can. It just so happens that my ANBU guard squad is team Alpha, so they are here right now. I will not force you to repeat any of the information you give us more than once, and you will only need to tell my squad. Is this agreeable?' The Kages nodded and Tsunade clicked her fingers. Instantly four ninja appeared behind her, kneeling, heads down. The same ninja from her meeting with Dumbledore.

'Alpha squad, Stand and remove your masks.' The four stood, and in one swift and practiced movement, revealed their identities. Four Leaf ninja stood, each one had a reputation that made them legendary.

'Alpha squad reporting, team leader Fox,' One said formally, his blonde hair had grown longer but was still as spiky as ever, the Kazekage mused.

'You need not be so formal here, Uzumaki.' The Mizukage said, smiling. The blonde relaxed his stance, as well as the others.

'What did you need Baa-chan?' he asked, grinning and nodding his head to Gaara, the Kazekage. Gaara nodded back and continued observing the squad before him. Naruto had grown a lot in the past few years. No longer the short boy he had first met, but a strong looking young man, standing at around six feet. His muscles were overly bulky, as most ninja's weren't, buy wiry and strong. Six scars marked his face in the image of whiskers, the sign of the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki. Bright blue eyes, studied the room, but there were shadows that flicked behind that gaze. More darkness than the average shinobi, but that was to be expected with Naruto's history.

'What have I said about you calling me that, brat?' The Hokage growled. Naruto's grin got wider, though it didn't quite reach his eyes.

'You call me brat, I call you Baa-chan,' he countered.

'Maa maa, Naruto. Let's listen to what the Kage's have to say, ne?' Naruto looked up into the smiling eye of his former sensei, Hatake Kakashi. Gravity defying silver hair stood at a strange angle. The lower half of his face covered by a cloth mask, one eye covered by his hitai-ate. Even though he was team leader, Kakashi still used the fact that he was his student to get away with being informal.

'Troublesome, nothing good can come of being called in front of all five Kages,' muttered one of their other teammates. Nara Shikamaru, acknowledged as the best strategic planner of their time as well as the most lazy. Hair tied back into a spiky ponytail, and ears which had been pierced many times.

'It is our fate to receive such missions, it comes with out skill,' the cool voice of Hyuuga Neji said to his mumbling companion. His pupil-less, slanderer eyes seemingly staring at nothing, but seeing everything. Long brown hair flowed down his back and tied off into a small ponytail. 'Taicho i suggest we listen,'

'Yeah, yeah, so. What can we do for you?'

'Squad Alpha, you have a mission. It is guard duty of a boy called Harry Potter and the establishment he resides.' The Hokage said. Team Alpha stared. There was more to this guard duty that meets the eye. In the past Naruto would have complained out loud that it was a waste of his time, but now. Experience had told him to keep quiet and examine all the facts, though he was known for the occasional outburst now and then. He would wait for the catch.

'The guard detail will take place outside the chakra barrier.' The Tsuchikage said. Each of the ANBU's posture stiffened. They were part of the few who knew about the chakra barrier, being so involved in politics that each of their positions demanded. To go outside, it has never been heard of in their time. The barrier lay west of the Land of Chaos and the Land of Order, and circled the entire Elemental Nations. It kept their way of life isolated from those who were too weak minded to accept it or to power hungry to try and exploit it.

'Mission details?' Kakashi questioned.

'Harry Potter is a boy who is prophesized to be the only one who can take down the wizard Voldemort. Voldemort is currently trying to take over the government in power and proclaim himself ruler. The residence Potter is staying at is one Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Witches' and Wizards are what they call people who have chakra or 'magic' as they call it. Different to us however because they choose to hide their true nature from civilians or 'muggles'. Their naming is confusing but you will get the hang of it. This mission will last until Potter has graduated from Hogwarts. So approximately three years.' Tsunade described.

The ANBU were silent as they absorbed the information. This mission was going to be difficult.

'We of the other nations are going to give you as much knowledge about this world you can handle. Each of you are fluent in English?' At their nods, the Tsuchikage continued, 'Good, that is their main language. Now get comfy because you are going to have to learn an entire culture in the next few hours.'

Naruto grinned and made himself comfy leaning against a wall. 'Go for it gramps, after all, I'll need to know this much since I'm the Godaime's heir.'