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You can now play slots for real money on many different slots where you can win real money slots. There are hundreds of games on this site where there are online slot machines real money. Some of the slots real money options include Casino War, Red Dog, Craps, Bingo, Sic Bo, and many others. Slot Machines Online is a gaming portal dedicated to slot machine fans. Our goal is to bring you all the necessary information regarding online slots: online slots bonuses, which online casinos are the best for slot players and which ones to avoid, things you need to know before playing online slots for real money and more.Whether you are looking to play free slot games or to play slot. Welcome to the best place to play FREE online slots and video poker. Choose from 30+ totally FREE 3-reel and 5-reel slots. No installation or download needed, just.


We all know that slot machines are usually the most profitable part of the casino floor. More space is dedicated to slot machine gaming than any other category of casino game, from Las Vegas to tribal casinos to Monte Carlo. The same can be said for online games. Which is why our slot guide covers both live and online slot machines.

At you will find everything from IGT and Bally slot machines to free online games and 3D slots. Our slots guide includes reviews to some of the most popular Vegas games as well as online games. We even offer 50+ games which you can play on our site for free.

If you prefer mobile, no problem! We have you covered with our mobile slots guide. This section outlines where you can play for free as well real money. The mobile section includes a dedicated page for each device, comparison reviews and more.

Though the world of slot machines is vast, it doesn’t take long to figure out how they work and how to play them. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or read our FAQ slot page which answers 120+ questions about slots.

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We have over 4500 free slot games. Play some of the most popular titles from Bally, IGT & Aristocrat.

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Have a question? Difference between blue and black ram slots. We've probably answered it in our FAQ guide. A four part series covering everything about slots.

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Do you prefer to play slots online for free? If so, look no further. Our slots guide includes over 30 different slot games. The games features to your left are a small sampling of what we have to offer. And by free – we mean 100% free. The slot games listed on our site don’t require you to download any software and you don’t need a special account to play them. You can view all of the games here.

We also offer comparison reviews for a variety of topics. These pages include 3D games, high & low limit slots, where to find the loosest slots as well as compatibility reviews.

Did you know, most Vegas slot games are now available for mobile play? Our mobile guide provides information for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and Windows devices. This includes which casinos offer a mobile app for your device as well as where you can play mobile slot games for real money or free.

Part 1 - Slot Machine Odds, Wins & Payouts

Part 1 of our slot machine FAQ answers questions on slot odds, betting systems, payouts, winning and more.

Part 2 - Slot Clubs, Payback % & Hit Frequency

Part 2 of our guide covers some of the more technical questions like payback rates, hit frequency, probabilities.

Part 3 - Progressives, Jackpots & High Limit

Part 3 answers questions for high limit play, progressive jackpot odds, slot methods, tipping and more.

Play Igt Slot Machine Games Online Real MoneyPart 4 - Video Slots, Games & Vegas Revenue

Part 4 covers slot revenue in Vegas, playing online slots, video slots, the RNG, weighted slots and more.

Slot Machine Software & Developers

Slot software has more variety than any other casino game online. Some casinos offer Vegas slots while others include 3D animation, spectacular graphics or cater strictly to bonus games. Our site offers software pages for all of the major brands including Bally, IGT, RTG, Betsoft, Microgaming and more. Below are the top five software platforms powering online casinos. Each page includes a list of the top five sites in addition to a complete overview of the various games on offer. You can view the most popular five software developers below or see our complete list here.

Slot machines are usually the most profitable part of the casino floor. More space is dedicated to slot machine gaming than any other category of casino game, from Las Vegas to tribal casinos to Monte Carlo. Though the world of slot machines is vast, it doesn’t take long to figure out how they work and how to play them.

Types of Slot Machines

There are a few different categories of slot machines, though a modern slot player only really needs to understand straight slots, video slots, progressive slots, and Buy a Pay slot machines.

Straight slots – These are traditional slot machine games. They don’t provide bonuses, and they pay out according to a standard pay table. Straight slots are the easiest slot machines to play. They’re excellent for beginners. If you’re just becoming familiar with the basics of slot gambling, stick with the straight slots. If you get bored or you want more action, consider moving on to video slots.

Video slots – “Video slots” are the fancier slot machines on the floor. These machines usually have larger screens to display movie-quality video and animation. These slots tend to be loud, flashy, and are usually placed in a conspicuous part of the casino floor to attract attention. Video slots tend to have licensed themes, like from movies or TV shows, and some of them are just loaded with bonus games and other features.

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Progressive slots – “Progressive slots” are linked to other machines in the casino or even other slot machines at casinos around the country. The top jackpot for these machines is linked to other slots. A tiny percentage of every bet is added to a progressive jackpot total. Spin the right combination on your machine and the entire progressive jackpot is yours. Progressive slot machines tend to offer a worse payout percentage than machines that aren’t linked progressively, so it’s a bit of a risk to switch to a progressive machine and chase the jackpot.

Buy a Pay slots – Buy a Pay slots games have more than just one payout table that you can wager on, and you choose how many tables to bet per pull. Betting an extra payout table costs an extra wager for each one. Yes, it ends up costing more money to bet on Buy a Pay slots, but your chances of winning are better, too. Because different combinations pay out different amounts on each activated payout table, the number of potentially lucrative combinations goes up.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Gone are the old electro-mechanical slot machines with static displays and heavy frames. These days, everything inside of a modern slot machine is controlled by a random number generator, a fancy device that spits out numbers all day. For example, when you pull the lever or push the spin button or in any way trigger the reels to start spinning, that random number generator comes up with a random number to assign to your spin, and that is how it is determined if you win or lose.

If you understand that today’s slot machines have a brain that runs on random numbers, you can avoid falling for inaccurate slot machine strategy advice. Anything you read online or hear from a friend that suggests that slot machines can be beaten is bunk. Each spin of the reels of a slot machine is unique from the one before it and has nothing to do with the one after it.

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Tips for Playing Slot Machines

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So now that you know slot machine outcomes are based on a random chance, do you feel like there’s no way to beat them? Don’t feel that way. Lots of people win lots of money playing the slot machines at their nearby casino or online gaming site. The trick is to keep your gaming within responsible limits and have fun.