Tricks When Playing Slot Machines

Introduction to High Roller Slots Tricks

Ultimately, making sure you know your odds of winning slots machines, and picking the best slot machine whether you’re playing online or in a live casino is the winning slots machine strategy that will have you laughing all the way to the bank.

This blog continues our journey of winning strategies for slot machine casino gambling. Here, I’ll be explaining to you three easy high roller slots tricks. Now, please understand I’m not trying to turn you into a full-time high-limit slot machine gambler! Not at all!

As I’ll explain, there are some very inexpensive slots winning strategies which can be applied to more than just low limit slots. They can also be rather cheaply used, with only a few bets, on a $1 to $5 denomination high limit slot machine.

The three tricks you should know about involve applying a few of the winning strategies I’ve already discussed, as well as a new slots strategy, winning strategy #6, I’ll be explaining in full momentarily. Here goes!

Slot Machine Tips And Tricks

This article has the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • 1st Trick: Use Winning Strategy 1 in a High Limit Slots Area
  • 2nd Trick: Combining Winning Strategies #1 and #7
  • 3rd Trick: If a Slot Machine Shows a Win, BET ONCE
  • How Long Does a Slot Machine Need to be Idle?
  • Play High Limit Slot Machines When Appropriate – Carefully!
  • Summary

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1st Trick: Use Winning Strategy #1 in a High Limit Slots Area

One interesting pattern I’d noticed at a relatively medium-sized casino had to do with a simple observation. At this local casino, I saw that I would win once when I first sit down, but not win again for some time.

This pattern recognition is a slots strategy I’ve mentioned before, explicitly Winning Strategy 1: Only Win Immediately and my Professor Slots podcast episode #23.

By using this approach, we can take advantage of a common practice found at many casinos, where they provide an initial winning taste.

The first dozen times I visited the high limit slots area at this small, local casino, I found it odd that I would win a jackpot during the first few pushes of the button. But, then, I would spend thousands of dollars without so much as another hit.

I don’t mean I wouldn’t have another taxable jackpot, but that I wouldn’t win anything whatsoever. It just seemed odd. Or, put another way, it was statistically unlikely to be randomly happening so consistently and often, visit after visit after visit.

As an aside, don’t worry too much about all the money I was spending. Unbeknownst to me at the time, each $100 spent these three months earned one more entry for the drawing of a car – which I would end up winning. I tell that story in:

As a second aside, the money I was spending was significant slots winnings from another local casino where I was consistently making quite a profit using Winning Strategy 7, the topic of my next blog article.

2nd Trick: Combining Winning Strategies #1 and #7

Let’s back to the story of what I learned and how I learned it. At the time, I even struck up a conversation with one of the slot operators. In that helpful interview, I asked them when were people winning jackpots and on which machines were they doing it?

This slot attendant helpfully told me about a slots player who had recently gone from one machine to another winning about eight total jackpots in a row in the high limit slots area.

I found this other slots player’s approach very intriguing, to say the least, and have since tried to employ my Winning Strategy 7 alongside playing each machine up to 5 times. By doing so, I’ve found that my annual return for this strategy alone resulted in a 150% profit over my original bankroll.

However, I’d only been using this strategy for four months since this casino opened, and felt I’d need to continue doing it for about a year to be convinced that it wasn’t either temporary or due to having limited data.

Today, I see this as an error on my part, and probably a severe loss of winnings. Winning slots strategies exist, and you can find them yourself – if you can believe your own eyes.

The area most people get stuck on is this: They don’t believe these strategies are possible, and it’s hard to try it yourself they do when you’ve already convinced yourself it’s impossible.

It doesn’t help that most winning strategies are relatively new, and based on the latest casino technologies that started being installed in new casinos since 2012.

Getting down off my usual soapbox, and back on topic, I have found this combination of winning strategies to be the cheapest approach yet to slot machine gambling, while resulting in the highest profit margin.

Using it at my local casino required only $500 per visit and $250 in return on most visits without a taxable jackpot. But then there are the taxable jackpots won, which are more than a few of the typical jackpot winnings on high limit slot machines.

As I’m sure you understand, a single $4,000 taxable jackpot pays for many subsequent visits.

Again, so far, this is all further storytelling about the experiences which resulted in my discovery of Winning Strategy 1 and how to best use it in conjunction with another winning strategy I knew. But, next, I learned a strategy I didn’t already know.

3rd Trick: If a Slot Machine Shows a Win, BET ONCE

By using these known strategies, yet another approach grew out of them. It’s easy, simple, and quite inexpensive. And, it’s completely counter-intuitive to what most slots players will tell you to do. But, because they feel this way is the reason why it works.

Slots players will tell you it is essential to check the machine’s last play. If it shows a winner then, in general, skip that machine. Don’t play it, is the general advice. I say phooey, but with a small caveat I’ll pull from Winning Strategy 1.

My third trick is this: If a slot machine is showing a win, BET ONCE. However, avoid that machine if it’s been played recently.

For this to work, if it is going to work, a slot machine showing a win needs to be idle for a while, and probably hasn’t been idle if its chair is still pulled out. That the chair is even pulled out is a beautiful clue it was used relatively recently.

Why does this work? At some casinos that set up their slot machines to offer an initial taste, the first push of the button of a high limit slot machine will win either a “small” nontaxable jackpot worth several hundred dollars or a more massive taxable jackpot over $1,200.

For example, I happened to be in the casino one Saturday evening, to take care of some tax paperwork having to do with winning a car the night before, and noticed that one of the $100 high limit slot machines was showing a $1,000 win. I didn’t think much of such a small jackpot, as it was not even taxable, but it was something I noticed.

When I went back to the casino the next morning, I noticed that that same machine had the identical winning reel combination showing on it. To me, this indicated that no one had played that machine for just over one day.

At first, I didn’t think much of it. But then, standing there looking at it, I got to thinking about my strategies. And, standing there thinking it through, I learned something.

Previously, my strategy was not to play any slot machine if it showed a win. But, I started to think, what if I was winning at one push of a button on machines that hadn’t been played for some time? Was this perhaps a refinement of a known strategy?

As usual, theory metaphorically in hand, I decided to test it. I walked over to the $100 machine showing the $1,000 win, placed my player’s card along with $100 in the machine, pressed the bet button, and immediately won a $5,000 taxable jackpot.

To date, this is the only time when I’ve won any taxable jackpot on a $100-denomination slot machine. Although, using this strategy at the same casino, shortly later I did win $500 with a single 1-credit bet on another $100 slot machine.

How Long Does a Slot Machine Need to be Idle?

One loose end with using this strategy is the question of how long does a slot machine need to be idle for it to turn into a winning slot machine via this strategy? The honest and straightforward answer is: I don’t know. But, consider my observations.

I’ve found more slot machines are winners with this strategy if I attend the casino on a Saturday morning (especially after a busy Friday night) or mid-afternoon on Sundays.

That’s because these are typically the most extended times when slot machines aren’t played, and being idle for some time matters. But, how long does it need to be inactive, you ask? I’m still piecing together clues about this.

Another clue comes from Eric Rosenthal, from whom I have second-hand information. He knows someone he trusts from within a slots manufacturer who told him that slot machines reset whenever a voucher is printed.

That’s interesting. If true, it means idle means no time at all. So, that information alone may be enough to tell you how long idle is – but I don’t think so.

Why? Because I’ve seen 30 minutes work when an immediate next player did not. Other times, I’ve seen it work after it’s been idle for hours only. Another area of uncertainty is maybe, more like probably, different casinos are set up differently.

But, I have put some effort into trying to figure this out. After some thought, one week later I went back to the casino and took handwritten notes of all the current spin reels showing on all the high limit slot machines at that casino.

Slightly over a day later, I went back to that casino with the intent of executing the usual strategy but brought extra cash with which to push the button once on any high limit slot machine still showing the same reel spin from the previous day.

Unfortunately, that day was a beautiful day in January with moderately high temperatures not seen in months. Somehow, for this reason, the casino and high limit slot machine room were incredibly busy.

I mention this because, when checking the reel spins on each slot machine, I found that ALL slot machines had been played. I then went ahead playing my usual strategy and, to my slight dismay, I didn’t win a single time despite four immediately prior visits where I made 50-60% over the bankroll I’d brought.

What I learned from this confirmation, such as it was, was that it was the wins I had seen when using my unrefined strategy of 5 pulls then stop was occurring on slot machines which had not been played for a while. Difference between casino and casino coupe. That is to say, I had been winning on idle slot machines.

So, during busy periods in the high limit slot room which, by the way, isn’t necessarily the same times when the overall casino itself is active, I learned that I shouldn’t use this strategy. Not then, anyway.

All I can say is, where casinos have set up this winning strategy, winning slot machines need to be idle for a while. This bit of information may not seem like much – but it’s something once considered impossible which evidence now suggests isn’t any longer.

And, being the savvy slots enthusiast I know you are, I expect you’ll make the most out of it.

Play High Limit Slot Machines When Appropriate – Carefully!

So, let’s continue to talk about getting the most out of my winning strategies. The whole point of these specific strategies is that they don’t require much money to try out. Not to be too blunt about it, why wouldn’t you try out inexpensive strategies in the high limit slots area?

I suppose I first noticed this myself at Seminole Brighton Casino in Florida in October 2019 and earlier at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut in April 2018.

Only afterward did I think, while I’m here why don’t I try out the winning strategies I’ve just figured out in the high limit slots area?

Unfortunately, this idea came to me only after I left both places. But, here it is for you. If you have figured out a winning slots strategy that appears to work at a casino, consider trying it in the high limit slots area.

This suggestion is especially valid if the specific slots strategy you’ve found to work outside of the high limit area doesn’t require much bankroll to win. If only a small bankroll is needed, or if you’re willing to risk a larger bankroll if it doesn’t, consider one way to optimize your strategy – by bringing it into the high limit slots area. Carefully, of course.

For those who have read my blog article Seminole Brighton Casino Florida Trip Report, these follow up thoughts for using a working strategy on high limit slots should work quite well there.

However, for those who have read my blog article Easily Win a Little at Slots at Foxwoods Casino Connecticut, I’d caution against this approach there.

As Dr. Mike from the You Can Bet on That podcast very well knows (I was sitting near him at the time), you can win a couple of hundred dollars on a high limit slot machine there within the first few bets.


But, the problem is, you can do the same thing on a low limit slot machines. So, use the winning strategy I described outside of the high limit area to bet less for corresponding winnings. Your profit will be more substantial.

Summary of High Roller Slots Tricks

In review, I’ve pointed out the easy application of two past winning slots strategies, along with a new winning strategy, which would require only a few bets on a high limit slot machine.

From a high level, the three easy high roller slots tricks I’ve outlined are merely pointing out that the winning strategies you worked hard to uncover at the casino you frequent can be leveraged, perhaps even optimized, in the high limit slots area with relatively little risk.

Because, finding that a winning strategy which works is a huge accomplishment, for which you should be proud to have uncovered. But, don’t stop with finding it, even if it was with my help. Your next step is, as always, to work closer to accomplishing your gambling goals.

If your gambling goal is entertainment, as with more slots enthusiasts, then getting a W-2G for having won a taxable jackpot would be exciting. I know my first W-2G was very exciting and, quite honestly, you never really get tired of winning them.

If your gambling goal is earning comps, then you’ll undoubtedly earn players clubs point by making bets on high limit slot machines. But, more importantly, some or all of winnings received in the high limit slots area can be spent on low limit slots.

Finally, is winning take-home money your gambling goal? Well, you’ll earn that money with little cash spent. If, as always, the casino you’re at has been set up by their operator such that one or more of these approaches will work.

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Slot Machine How To Play

Have fun, be safe, and make good choices!
By Jon H. Friedl, Jr. Ph.D., President
Jon Friedl, LLC

If you are bored just playing against a slot machine, you might want to consider whether you want to participate in any of the online slot machine tournaments. The best online casinos virtually every day offer the opportunity to participate in one of their tournaments. Expecting interesting prizes, you can compare your slot strategy with other players around the world.

How to Play Slot Tournaments in Las Vegas Casinos?

All slot machine tournaments work very similarly to blackjack or poker tournaments. The online casino will announce the date when it will be held and on which slot (or slot machines) are eligible. Usually, players have to register, but in some cases, all you have to do is open selected slots and play. Sometimes, however, there may be “Sit-and-Go” tournaments that begin when the minimum number of participants is registered.

The second step is entering the tournament. It can either be paid or free of charge. This is also the result of the price of the pool. Free tournaments usually have a prize pool of €50 to €300, but you can also find such tournaments that with free entry you can win up to several thousand euros. However, this is more an exception than a rule. Prizes in the thousands are 90 % only for paid tournaments. The entrance fee is usually in the order of several euros or dollars.

Once you are in the tournament and start playing, it is your goal to play/win more than all other participants. If your bankroll drops to zero and you do not have the option to re-buy, you are just at the end of the road. There are also several types of tournaments here. Firstly, it may be a tournament where it is easy to compare the balances of individual players after the tournament ends and the order will be created accordingly.

Another way to evaluate a tournament is through what is called the “Winbox”, when players only add prizes regardless of the amount of the final bankroll. Tournament winners with the highest Winbox then wins.

For example – entry to a 3 000-coin tournament, 6 spins

SpinBetWinBankrollWin Box
0.003 0000
1.7502 9250
2.752503 100250
4.751003 075375
5.7503 000375
6.7502 925375

Tips and Trick How to Win a Slot Tournament

Since the online slot machines have not yet introduced elements to allow the player to influence the house edge, the results of the game rounds depend only on the player’s luck. However, there are at least some basic pieces of advice that can significantly increase your chance of winning on slots.⭐

  1. Play as fast as you can

Play as fast as you can. In most slot tournaments, players will get e.g. 1 000 credits and only 10 minutes to play them through. If one spin costs you 3 credits, you have less than 2 seconds for one spin to clear your credit completely. You have to be really fast to do that.

  1. Always play for the max bet

Higher-stake games, especially those with a higher denomination, give you better payouts. In particular, thanks to the maximum bet, you can qualify for the jackpot.

  1. Do not bother too much about how much you have already won

Especially in Winbox games, do not worry about scoring on it. Individual winnings are not so significant. You have to play as fast as possible.

  1. Click through the Bonus Wheels as quickly as possible

In a tournament, you are mainly pushing for time; bonus spins with free spins can cause a significant delay if you do not speed them up.

  1. Check your time

It is not worth starting a 5-minute slot tournament 2 minutes before it’s over. There is no way you can make it in time.

  1. Possibility to continue the game

Some of the tournaments give you the chance to continue playing, even if the lap time has elapsed. It will almost certainly cost you real money, including in free tournaments. If you want to win, it will sometimes be necessary to continue playing for money. Be sure that others will be willing to as well.

However, here too, use this option only if you are sure it is worth it. If you are already at the prize position after the base round, it can happen that by continuing with the game for the money, you only get to increase the lead over the player below you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments have a number of advantages and a few drawbacks. It is advisable to have all this information before entering the tournament. In our case, these are only general benefits or negatives. Specific situations, of course, will depend on a number of variables, such as what type of player you are, what slots you are allowed to play, if you can switch between slots, and finally but most importantly, one should not forget the VIP status players.


  • You have a higher chance of winning. *
  • You know exactly how much you can lose.
  • You have the chance to win high prizes for a small entry fee or free of charge.
  • VIP status (if you have it) can guarantee free entry to the tournament.


  • You have to play fast.
  • You may not be able to play on your favorite slot.
  • If you win a jackpot, you will not be able to keep it. **
  • You can only play in a tournament at a certain time.

* By having a higher chance of winning, of course, we are not thinking of tournament-adjusted payouts. RTP remains constant at all times. But, some prize pools are in thousands of euros, which may be equivalent to some local jackpots. The chances of winning such a jackpot are a few tens of thousands to 1. When in a tournament where there are 1 000 other players, you have a 1:1000 chance of winning.

** Your winnings during the tournament are only to determine the placement of the other players. This means that even if you hit a progressive jackpot, you are likely to win the tournament, but you will only win the main prize. All winnings on the online slot are dropped after the end of the casino tournament.

Slot tournament in online casinos

Online casino tournaments are slightly different from those you encounter in the big casinos in Las Vegas. If it is not a VIP event for regular players; any registered player can enter the tournament. There are always one or several slots selected for the tournament, and the date and duration of the tournament are also announced. Most online casinos have a calendar on their website for the months ahead, so there is no problem finding the best one for you.

Tournaments in online casinos are generally free to enter and have slightly different rules from tournaments in brick-and-mortar casinos. When playing in Las Vegas tournaments, players compete in a very short period of time. In online casinos, tournaments often last for several days or weeks.

One thing, however, is common to both casinos. Not all casinos have slot tournaments. Before you sign up in an online casino, make sure they offer it. And, of course, always read the General Terms and Conditions.

Top 5 Slot Tournament Casinos

CasinoWelcome Bonus
Vera JohnUp to €100Read ReviewVisit
Energy CasinoUp to €200Read ReviewVisit
OrientXpressUp to €500Read ReviewVisit
LVBet€10 No DepositRead ReviewVisit
Campeon CasinoUp to €300Read ReviewVisit
Billy KingUp to €200Read ReviewVisit

Tips and Tricks How to Win Slot Tournament in Online Casinos

You will most likely encounter two types of online slot tournaments. Depending on the type, you should choose the appropriate strategy. In both cases, even if you do not pay a fee, you will not play at the machines free of charge, but for real money instead. However, you can keep your winnings.

Tournament type: Get the most points

In this type of tournament, you get points for every bet you make. It is very simple. The more you play, the more points you get. You will also get more points for higher bets. But remember: only bets for real money are eligible for the tournament.

  1. Sign up for the slot tournament as soon as possible and play from the very beginning

Those who bet the most, win these tournaments. Therefore, it is best to play from the start and play as you would normally play. And invest more money at the end of the tournament, when you see that you have a chance of winning a prize. But if you do not want the first prize too badly, there is no point in pushing thousands to win the tournament when the maximum prize is several hundred € / $.

  1. Choose the best bet size

Maximize the number of points earned per bet. Some point distribution may look like this:

  • Bet €0.20 up to €0.99 = 1 point
  • Bet €1.00 up to €1.99 = 5 points
  • Bet €2.00 up to €2.99 = 15 points
  • Bet €3.00 up to €3.99 = 25 points
  • Bet €4.00 up to €4.99 = 35 points
  • Bet €5.00 + = 50 points

If you have a €500 bankroll, it does not make sense to bet for €2 and get 3750 points, if you can bet for €5 and get 5000 points. And of course, it makes no sense to bet over €5.

  1. Choose the slot with the highest return to player percentage (RTP)

Before the tournament starts, check out the RTP for all slot machines in the tournament. And choose the one with the highest. You will thus play the most favorable slot machine.

Tournament type: Biggest win on a single spin

Watching People Playing Slot Machines

In this type of tournament, win the highest value single spin amount relative to your bet amount. It is a little fairer, due to the condition that you do not have to have an astronomical bankroll to win. In addition, bet size does not matter either, because it is the ratio that counts. For example:

  • Win €1 / bet €0.20 – your score is 5 (1 / 0.20)
  • Win €100 / bet €20 – your score is 5 (100/20)
  1. Play with the minimum bet

As has been said, size does not matter. It only depends on the ratio. The more bets you make, the higher the chances of the big win. Do not play through your whole bankroll with high bets if you can make more little ones.

  1. Play on slot machines with higher payouts

Before you start the tournament, check out all the available slot machines and their payout tables. Does one slot offer a 2000-unit pay for three cherries and a €5 bet and another one 2200? Play with the machine with the higher payout ratio. Winnings will not strike as often, but they will be higher and you will get higher points. That is what counts.

What to be careful about when playing online slot tournaments

Just like with every other casino promotion, you should thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions. Especially focus on:

Slot Machine Tricks To Winning

Registration Deadline and Tournament Duration

Although it may seem like a sure thing, players are wrong in this too. And it’s pretty upsetting not to participate in a tournament just due to late registration.

Which slot machines are eligible for the tournament?

Also, pay extra attention to this. There is no reason to play slots that are not in the tournament.

Winning criteria

In this article, we have described the strategies for the types of online slot tournaments that are the most common. You can also meet with exceptions and the winner can be evaluated according to other criteria. Keep in mind that different rules require a different strategy.

What is a prize pool and how will it be divided?

Lucky Duck Slot Machine Tricks

€5000 is pretty awesome, but if it is divided among 50 players, even the winner barely receives a few hundred. It makes no sense to spend €1000 in a tournament if the prize money is only €500.

What can you do with the tournament prize?

Slot Machine Tricks And Cheats

What will actually happen when you win? Some online casinos pay tournament rewards as bonus money and are subject to wagering requirements, which further reduces their value.